How to protect the environment Xiamen 20 green muck truck put into use

behind the economic development, there are also a series of problems, such as in the process of economic development, the problem of garbage disposal is also of concern. Mud, mud can not be overloaded, can not be dumped, will not drip leakage"…… Yesterday, the reporter learned from the city’s large traffic office, the Xiamen subway construction with environmentally friendly waste transport technology, 20 green muck truck is trying to solve the problem of traditional muck transport technology. read more

Some suggestions on the development of Chinese fast food franchise stores

fast pace of life makes us have undergone great changes, diet also had the obvious change, not what time to cook their own food, now the pace of life of people is very fast, many people are no longer at home for dinner, all meals in the vicinity of the company, so in the fast food industry is now developing rapidly. And many people are focusing on the industry, in here, I will give you some suggestions on the development of Chinese fast food franchise stores, hope can help to you.

general, the large flow of people in the shop area inevitable high turnover, high population density of large and medium-sized residential area, passenger source is steady, can guarantee the stability of the store, pay close attention to the development potential of the address is entrepreneurs. read more

Entrepreneurship summary eight steps in the process of entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship is the dream of many people, a lot of people want to have a career through investment in their own business, not to help others work for a lifetime. When it comes to business, almost everyone has a business, but really put into action a few, because they are afraid of entrepreneurship. In fact, entrepreneurship is not so terrible, the whole network of small business process is divided into eight steps, will bring entrepreneurial confidence for you.

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Highly respected joined the project

rare opportunities, although the road of entrepreneurship competition, pressure continuously, but seize the good opportunities and strive to create wealth, is actually not so difficult to imagine, the key is to seize the opportunity to get rich, find a good project to join  ! The following small series, it is recommended for you to join a number of highly respected projects!

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Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau to take the focus on improving efficiency, build a plat

to further improve the level of service enterprise development, and effectively enhance the efficiency of enterprise annual inspection work. Since March, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce to take the focus on efficiency, build a platform to re service, the work of the initiative to carry out a solid annual inspection of enterprises in 2011.
specific work: one is to grasp two key points to improve. On the one hand, pre audit and Book review. Focus on whether the expiration of the operating period, the annual inspection data are available. On the annual inspection report, business license copy, operating income, financial statements and other information is not uniform, the review of a one-time need to complete the information to inform the enterprise. Involved in the project management pre license, a valid license issued by the relevant to inform the Department in charge of industry, the review focused on the pre license, approval documents have been revoked, revoked or expiry of the review before the book through the real and effective inspection. On the other hand highlight the focus on industry review. The enterprise staff of key enterprises in key industries of microfinance, Guarantee Corporation, food and drug sales and sensitive areas, strict management and check that the registration agreement, pre license, documents of approval is valid or by the competent authorities of inspection, and there are no illegal acts, and shall be gone through inspection procedures. Two is to build a platform to enhance service two. The first is to build online inspection service platform. Give full play to the advantages of online annual inspection, specialized ability to transfer business, computer technology, good staff for the enterprise to provide online annual guidance services. To provide enterprise online inspection data, the review focused on the content of registration matters, pre-approval, change etc, ask the staff to complete the online examination within three working days, to ensure that enterprises can timely pre query through the network platform, to understand the lack of material, it is necessary to change the project and should correct matters, so that enterprises in time the correction, improve the inspection efficiency. Followed by the establishment of mobile inspection service platform. The group enterprise, the chain business enterprise sends out the appointment notice in advance, informs the enterprise centralized inspection time and the material which needs to submit, enhances the service enterprise the potency. According to the needs of the enterprise, can make an appointment by telephone inspection, the Council and the counties (sub Bureau) according to the enterprise telephone booking and work arrangements, on the premise of efficient and convenient, planned, targeted for some enterprises to provide centralized inspection service area.

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Open clothing franchise business skills to master

clothing industry has always been a market in the industry, is also very popular in the industry, can be considered in the business of the industry, many people are now aware of the importance of entrepreneurship, also hope to be able to find suitable for their own entrepreneurial projects. Clothing market has a great demand, open a clothing store, I believe will usher in a broad market. However, during the operation, there are many problems. The following business on the opening of the franchise business skills, to introduce you. read more

Open Manicure stores need to pay attention to the details of what

Manicure stores need to do business details. Many franchisees may not be familiar with the details of the business, so it is easy to ignore these details. If you want to succeed in business, you can pay more attention to the relevant aspects of the news, so that your shop business is getting better and better, more and more successful business.

the first thing you have to understand some relevant knowledge about Manicure, nursing, and master some basic whitening technology. To the local business has been for many years Manicure stores a touch Manicure price, Zhiyizhibi to win. This is the opening of Manicure stores the most basic requirements. read more

The whole network is recommended in 2016 rich project

want to start a business, the first step is to find a good project, which is a good thing to get rich in 2016? Have you ever thought about this problem more than once? Today Xiaobian for everyone to sort out a number of good projects in 2016 to become rich, want to do business partners together to understand it.

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Creating an innovative environment for young scientists

in the management of policy guidance, help young entrepreneurs society is more and more, to provide them with the entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better. The National People’s Congress, Zhejiang Hualian Group Co., Ltd. chairman Xu Aihua said, to create innovative environment for young scientists.

"young scientists is the national science and technology progress of the main, they have made great contributions in science and technology innovation, but now they also need to improve the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, the government should create a good atmosphere for innovative young scientists." The National People’s Congress, Zhejiang Hualian Group Co., Ltd. chairman Xu Aihua in the proposal evaluation. read more

China disabled youth entrepreneurship fund was established


is nowadays the whole society a very special group, at the same time, now some of the disabled social entrepreneurs is also of concern, countries are also trying to help many disabled entrepreneurs entrepreneurial activities.

The Establishment Ceremony of

"China disabled youth entrepreneurship fund" held this morning in the central authorities. Hundreds of delegates from government, business, academia and the media.

for the implementation of the party and the country people business   instructions of all innovation ", highlighting the party and the state of youth entrepreneurship, especially young entrepreneurs with disabilities, life care, approved by the CYL Central Committee, youth employment fund Chinese World Federation of Chinese Association for the promotion of Beijing students, proud entrepreneurial Cci Capital Ltd jointly launched for the" China disabled youth entrepreneurship fund". read more

Feel the delicious spicy head of wealth investment

in today’s era, people are like the flavor of food, spicy head features make people eat a unforgettable taste, spicy, spicy and unique, as a classic Chongqing delicacy, authentic taste, spicy delicacy is Chongqing signs, head of the headquarter is continuous innovation, to meet consumer tastes.


] how hot head

food and beverage market many brands of spicy delicacy, head of the reform on the basis of traditional incense pot, combined with the current consumer eating habits and needs, made of authentic Sichuan flavor, unique taste with spicy but not dry, fresh and not fishy aroma, aftertaste, entrance channeling, fully meet the modern pursuit of health delicacy, became popular in the high streets and back lanes delicacy signs! read more

Retail business to do fast and slow points

if we go shopping, do not want to "fast"? For retail operators, if you want a higher quality of service, is not also need to provide more "fast" service? I am afraid that the current number of retail store operators are thinking about the problem, but also plagued countless operators.

we know, "fast" and "slow" is the most common in the daily life of a pair of antonyms. The so-called "fast" refers to the rapid response, quick action, emphasizing a strong sense of time, high efficiency. The so-called "slow", is slow reaction, slow action swallow, the lack of time concept, low efficiency. But is it anything that is "fast" and "slow"? No. read more

Children’s English education to join the project how to choose

with the current people’s increasing awareness of education, education on the child’s growth, more and more parents realize that children’s future should be in line with international standards, proficient in English is the most basic condition, the English training market continued unpopular. This also provides more opportunities for the development of entrepreneurs. So for those who want to break into a world of entrepreneurs in the education industry, children’s English education how to choose the brand? Look at the following analysis: read more

Floor brand marketing should learn from Daddy where

  the recent hit "where Dad" is increasingly popular, not only make the audience laughing, the television and the sponsor is the letter.

"Dad where to go" success seems inevitable but by accident, hidden many factors of success. As a floor enterprise marketing planners, planning from the perspective of marketing to analyze the "daddy go" behind the popular reasons, mainly consists of four elements, we work together to have a look at how both are similar to what. read more

How to operate brand sofa store

brand sofa franchise business advice? Although it is joined the brand chain stores, but now many brands, want to stand out, or need to find a way. How to do a good job? Xiaobian finishing the relevant recommendations, hoping to help franchisees do investment management business.

is the first brand. Now more and more consumers are choosing brand products, because a good brand will bring good service, the sofa as a custom, is a regular use of the product, there will be many unexpected situations. So as a customer he is willing to spend more than usual 15%~20% price to buy branded goods. And a considerable number of consumers through a variety of media to promote the awareness of the effect of the sofa brand awareness and corporate strength. read more

Xinjiang MaryKay issued 1 million 500 thousand venture capital fund

with the advent of women’s entrepreneurial boom, the community has also set up a fund for women to set up venture capital. MaryKay once again launched a female entrepreneurship support program, the investment of 1 million 500 thousand small interest free loans to help women entrepreneurs in Xinjiang.

26, 2015 China Women’s development foundation @ her business plan – MaryKay women’s venture capital Xinjiang ceremony in MaryKay (China) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Urumqi branch. This is the second year of the project venture capital to help women entrepreneurs in Xinjiang, once again invested $1 million 500 thousand small interest free revolving loan to help the 112 independent entrepreneurs. read more

Retailers should pay attention to the safety of the Spring Festival operation

as long as the business, there is no way to ignore the spring festival such a special business opportunities. However, the Spring Festival this hot time, but also the time to steal the major stores easily. Shop to do business, we all know that the Spring Festival is a year of sales season, because during the Spring Festival, the flow of people too much, many workers have returned home to return to the new year. But the Spring Festival is also the most unsafe time of the year. There are a lot of thieves and some boss only began to fish in troubled waters, busy business, while ignoring the security work in the store, a lot of tragedy. read more

Now the industry’s most profitable children’s paradise advantage

is now the industry’s most profitable? I believe this is a problem puzzling many entrepreneurs, the intention to observe, you will find that now the children’s Park has been everywhere, most children are full of customers. Now the industry is the most profitable? The advantages of many children’s paradise, worthy of attention.

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