The experience of college students entering the Internet for two years

from the beginning of the 10 year officially entered the Internet, today has more than two years later, in the past two years time and I set up 6 websites, and today there are two successful websites, experience such a long time I have to share my experience of building web sites. entering the Internet, […]

Entrepreneurship is more than far away in front of the responsibility and ambition and defend and br

entrepreneurial ambitions and far more than the immediate responsibility and sticking, and bread. but also because of this, in order to challenge themselves. Some entrepreneurs will insist, insist on their own goals, beliefs; some entrepreneurs will Sike, by all means, despite the retreat; there is certainly no shortage of people who give up. Most of […]

May be the most wonderful entrepreneurs and incubators in history

entrepreneurs may be one of the hardest jobs in modern society. some years without pay or low wages, usually late at night, weekends, too busy to have a girlfriend, in the cafe business drinking discount Instant Coffee hope to meet an angel investor or partner, coupled with the air inlet, timing and luck, finally get […]

Three years three years and three years old where entrepreneurial undead left for the king

didn’t go to the tomb, did not go to work in the glass factory, a teacher became today in the old aged. When the April 8th vintage in the title WeChat issued a public number in "the life of the holding in my hand" Tuquan the distance he appeared in April 2015 where the customer […]