Xinjiang MaryKay issued 1 million 500 thousand venture capital fund

with the advent of women’s entrepreneurial boom, the community has also set up a fund for women to set up venture capital. MaryKay once again launched a female entrepreneurship support program, the investment of 1 million 500 thousand small interest free loans to help women entrepreneurs in Xinjiang.

26, 2015 China Women’s development foundation @ her business plan – MaryKay women’s venture capital Xinjiang ceremony in MaryKay (China) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Urumqi branch. This is the second year of the project venture capital to help women entrepreneurs in Xinjiang, once again invested $1 million 500 thousand small interest free revolving loan to help the 112 independent entrepreneurs. read more

Retailers should pay attention to the safety of the Spring Festival operation

as long as the business, there is no way to ignore the spring festival such a special business opportunities. However, the Spring Festival this hot time, but also the time to steal the major stores easily. Shop to do business, we all know that the Spring Festival is a year of sales season, because during the Spring Festival, the flow of people too much, many workers have returned home to return to the new year. But the Spring Festival is also the most unsafe time of the year. There are a lot of thieves and some boss only began to fish in troubled waters, busy business, while ignoring the security work in the store, a lot of tragedy. read more

Now the industry’s most profitable children’s paradise advantage

is now the industry’s most profitable? I believe this is a problem puzzling many entrepreneurs, the intention to observe, you will find that now the children’s Park has been everywhere, most children are full of customers. Now the industry is the most profitable? The advantages of many children’s paradise, worthy of attention.

read more

Life is not easy every day nearly ten thousand Taobao shop closed down

Business Daily News (reporter Chong Xiaomeng) young Taobao sellers karoshi karoshi reflects the hardships of online entrepreneurs. Daily economic news reporter learned yesterday, Taobao daily outage or the number of sellers closed nearly ten thousand, operating pressure mainly from customer complaints and platform violation penalties.

, according to a report released by the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, said the existing professional sellers Taobao about 6000000, newly registered nearly 10000 per day, the number of outages or close the seller daily nearly ten thousand. Shop operators are the main pressure of customer complaints and Taobao punishment. read more

Su Ning Su Xiansheng on both the.CN domain name cybersquatting minon

renamed China ( March 10th news, Suning announced to enter the fresh market, the electricity supplier’s launched fresh channel "Su Xiansheng", the domain name was registered by.Cn/ yesterday.


: Su Xiansheng

Su Xiansheng currently set up in Shanghai, Hangzhou two pilot, products related to fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat and eggs, is committed to creating the public without "food basket" product, Suning logistics throughout the cold chain distribution. read more

O2O battle royale! 2016 who can escape the death list

introduction: today, we bring a 2015 series, the most heavy is the most hopeful one. Popular 2015 "death list" is absolutely shocking, but entrepreneurship is so game of life and death, from a close call position in killing road is successful bleeding. When we sigh at the moment of death in 2015, the last thing we can’t miss is the chance to die.

I black Ma Ma Wang Yaqi reported on January 3rd

over the past year, in public entrepreneurship, innovation policy support and capital market frenzy propelled the boom Chinese entrepreneurial market surging. read more

A5 venture network broadcast enterprise WeChat to Papi sauce was SARFT ban

1 SF Wang Wei responded to the courier was not held in the end to be president of  

April 18th news, yesterday afternoon, a SF courier was a driver of abuse and repeatedly slapped video circulating on the network in Beijing. Yesterday evening 9 o’clock, SF President Wang Wei in his personal friend WeChat said, "if I do not pursue in the end, I no longer do with SF President


according to the video content that the driver when reversing, SF courier will not be because the car scraped, the driver got off to courier lianfan abuse, despite the mediation, but the driver was at least a fan of the courier 6 slap in the face, and the courier from beginning to end is not to utter a single word. read more

How to let Baidu update you every day, included more

only talk about Baidu – talk about other topics later on

recently made a few garbage station, from which to experience a little Baidu included experience, today I give you talk about!

always see a lot of people do stand, today I stand included how many pages, how long my station was updated…… So, in the end is how to update Baidu, included? How to make Baidu often update your site, including your latest content?

I have not formed a systematic theory, the first to talk about specific practices for your reference, welcome to discuss! read more

Why do Chinese people like to speculate

some time ago to see a web site in Google’s Chinese domain name event. Remember just finished "China Internet the most abominable quanqian company – CNNIC". Then someone started registering the domain name. In fact, the domain name registration is understandable. Remember in 2006 to buy their own.Cn forgotten renew the domain name, let me give Chinese ", has been on the cybersquatting events more disgusted. But here still want to come out to say that as a Chinese, is not a bit too smart". read more

Are closed platform Ali mother’s next step is nothing more than open up the Department of Ali advert

notify the tax authorities tax! (the simplest solution)

when I was in class, a classmate called me in the back, I head back to see, he took a book, the book along the edge of oh oh where bass bass bite, he said: "you look to me like a mouse, in the us." Indeed, there was a time when my study entered a rat, and the edges of many books and materials were gnawed into the shape of the mouse teeth.

in "Ali mother buckle 20% union fees and fees for technical services" on the issue, there may be objections from the Ali Mama, do not know the grassroots oppression habit, to oppression, or mom to refute, but why not dare to face the real people? Why take the virtual net, like a turtle like hiding in the corner to stab in the back to do, we do? In the face dignified and imposing up, I look at the humble is a spineless creature, this is not a business style, just a ghost shrinkage clown, just reckless with greed. read more

The three cheats forum speculation

any marketing must first start from the analysis of user behavior, for the vast majority of Internet users, go to the forum to see the post has already become an important part of Internet, and because the post is mostly by users of original contributions, so it is much higher than the reference value of commercial advertising, in the eyeball economy era, users of this the inertia of thinking determines the importance of the forum post hype in network marketing. I have also done a number of forums (, literally wrote a few points of view, we give advice! read more

My opinion on the marketing of enterprise website (Part one)

enterprise network marketing is carried out around the enterprise website, network marketing, network marketing enterprises must have a strong corporate website as the basis, must let the company website to assume the entire enterprise network marketing support responsibility, after the enterprise website marketing center, to the development of other platforms.

one, to create a strong backing of marketing work

enterprise website as the root of all network marketing, so at the beginning of marketing must be on the need to promote marketing enterprise website optimization, now the main work has the following: read more

WeChat how to add powder Introduces several methods of WeChat gaban!


marketing is one of the most popular words, I am afraid the Internet industry in 2015, since the ten year old beauty and other major brands in the rise of micro inadvertently, domestic famous female cosmetics brands, female supplies brands have a little pool siege, in an attempt to micro business of this huge market share, and during the Spring Festival Gala micro shop advertising during the party constantly refresh the user’s attempt to tell: Micro era is coming, 2015 is the first year of micro business! With the convening of the first session of the micro Business Expo, is attracting many small sellers, Internet practitioners into the micro business, in an attempt to seize the market, a cup of soup. And all Internet products, all cannot do without the flow of two words, people flow, friends traffic, no traffic without the user’s Internet will sooner or later become Death net, introduce several unknown WeChat plus friends here to tell you the method, let your friends easily over January read more

The 2008 Spring Festival Gala has become a hot word – some may pay New Year’s call on

Spring Festival, with the family to see the Spring Festival Gala, come back with my computer.

list a few:


Jin Yuting’s blog -2008 Spring Festival Gala appeared two times what is the name of the actress… Can be like this subject to writing, making thematic pages or to capture the flow of.07 Spring Festival appeared seven times the white MM has become a hot spring in

2 Zhang Ziyi 2008 Spring Festival Gala singing lyrics – MP3 video download, The heavenly maids scatter blossoms., etc. to form a combination of. read more

Do marketing, do not reject all the people who say to you NO

often see a circle of friends forwarding information people every day in that "my mask is not good, I think the mask is not good with people, you are not my users, not my real friends, directly pull the black me, I don’t need these people, who are afraid of not to I find


also often see me a lot of people often write said: "those who do not agree with this, you don’t see it, I need is love this, you are not my users, understand my nature to understand me, I do not know do not come. " read more

The emperor’s new clothes a chat China P2P company’s valuation system

finally have the opportunity to talk about the existing China net loan company valuation system problem! It looks like the investment buddy seldom go to a problem to think seriously, especially in a round of a bundle of money market leading mode, we think more there is no disk access man can. The scarcity of premium earned not to A shares.

but no matter how the market changes, I have always believed that short-term volatility will always return to long-term value, whether the value of the final decision to determine the value of a company. read more

Discuz! X1.5 RC version of the official release of improved features to improve known issues

                network owners admin5.com9 Sept. 1, after about a month of testing, Kang Chong Sheng’s products Discuz! X1.5RC version officially released today, and available for download. Kang Sheng official said Discuz! X1.5 to create the classic as the mission, improve the efficiency of the program function, optimize the adjustment of the user interface and experience, increase the operator tools and other aspects of the overall improvement and upgrading. The RC version of the official version of the candidate version, the first public release of the upgraded version of the X1.0 for more than 300 of the functional details of the improvement, but also improve the new / old version of the 700 kinds of known small problems. read more

Analysis of God carving marketing how to play out of the dining fan interconnection

Internet marketing is indeed a miracle birth place, in this area, if you can reasonable grasp of consumer psychology, some highly precise marketing, so the final result will make you satisfied. God carved sirloin, a sirloin restaurant, abruptly traditional dishes on the Internet thinking armed, not to mention what parity, from God carved the recent marketing events and public comment on the high popularity, you know, the original restaurant can be so fun.

actually said God carved marketing strategies, many of my friends have a simple understanding of the manufacturing gimmick, buy 5 million yuan from the Stephen Chow movie sirloin recipe "God of cookery" prototype to heart-shaped wooden chopsticks, to every taste name and decoration are extremely exquisite dishes, really is a god carved on "experience" and "marketing" master, forced high exciting, but the restaurant, will engage gimmick in the minority, why only God carved out something, it only shows that compared to the other participants, God carved is obviously more about marketing. read more

Huajing network how do not marketing new micro business era

is a popular mobile Internet, the next wave of trend is undoubtedly the mobile PC business. However, who will carry the electricity supplier of mobile media WeChat, micro-blog or mobile browser…… Is considered to be the derivative of pyramid selling, sell fake, fake mask, pushed up in the teeth of the storm. Micro business, but also whether it can get out of the woods, out of the big bubble, not into MLM it?


first look at micro-blog, it also across PC and mobile terminal, so it can be regarded as a platform for mobile providers, there are large ones at the top selling fruit, liquor, sell chili oil, there are many large fans as the basis, even if unable to quantify the conversion rate, or eventually sell the goods, in fact earlier, a domestic mobile phone business to micro-blog by fans, and successfully, then it is asserted that social media for sell models. read more

E-commerce spawned new demand for commercial real estate logistics warehouse supply shortage

report shows a serious shortage of logistics warehouse supply

in full swing of e-commerce not only change people’s spending habits, but also for the traditional commercial real estate changes. International well-known real estate consultants DTZ DTZ report shows that the rapid growth of e-commerce industry, bring greater demand for Chinese warehouse, but the current domestic modern logistics warehouse supply is seriously insufficient. For investors and developers, the current challenge is the lack of logistics and land development in conjunction with the development of e-commerce. Investors should consider investing in a major logistics provider that owns a land reserve or has a logistics facility. read more