Discussion on how to choose the wrong keywords flow interception accident

this one word can see someone search, but because it is a mistake, we can see what the site basically no competition. As long as we mistake the reasonable use of the word appropriate keywords layout, we will easily get through this one word traffic accident.   wrong is a good way for the small […]

Site analysis tools, depth of access, source statistics (1)

  business background, 1. what is the visitor source ? visit our website users into our page through what way? How to make our website more people? What is the search engine is helpful to enter our website? What are the key of higher value? Good effect of the exchange links? Advertising work? Etc. this […]

500 yuan seed users, beautiful said how to do that promotion

profile: beautiful, the standard color of the website is determined to be rose powder. The team thought for a long time, since it is necessary to make vertical social services for women, they must drive men out and let them in. For this reason, both blue and green are excluded from the alternatives. Finally, the […]