Comrade Gao Xinrong dispatched cadre training in the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and S

April 7th – 11, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau to send cadres training courses, when the training classes, municipal committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Comrade Gao Xinrong spoke. This paper expounds the significance of holding the training course, and puts forward the task requirements for the work of the discipline […]

The construction of underground space information system in Xining will put an end to

All kinds of city pipeline facilities the main road, often repaired, water, gas, electricity, communications and other pipelines and followed the road leading to the dug out, filled in the dig, forming "road zipper phenomenon". Recently, Xining city underground pipeline and census information management system construction work officially started, the future of Xining underground space […]

Problem based approach to enhance the satisfaction of tourists

August 19th afternoon, Xining mayor Wang Yubo presided over the executive meeting of the municipal government. The meeting considered the "Xining in 2013 to improve the satisfaction of tourists action plan (Draft)". Wang Yubo pointed out that the satisfaction of tourists directly reflects the quality of tourism services and the city’s comprehensive management level. To […]

The South Ring Road opened at the end of October next year

Reporter in September 16th from the Provincial Highway Construction Management Bureau was informed that the public concern of our province’s first two-way six lane highway, Xining South Ring Road in late October next year will be officially opened to traffic, the city traffic pattern when the city "in the outer ring network" will constitute the […]

Authentic Chongqing old hot pot to join what is good about the edge of the old hot pot

diet, in our lives, has always been a very important presence. As we all know, hunger breeds discontentment, we always want to eat. However, the characteristics of the food, always very convincing. Authentic Chongqing hot pot to join which good? Around the edge of the old hot pot? around the edge of the old hot […]

After breaking out of their own piece of heaven and earth after 90 successful examples of college st

everyone wants to live better, but the workers every month those pitiful wages, what time can achieve their dreams? So now more and more migrant workers joined the road of entrepreneurship, but entrepreneurship is accompanied by huge risks, the following is the true story of a 90 after the success of university students the small […]

Operating home textile stores essential skills are very important

textile product is commonly used in our daily life, at the same time, the entire textile market in today’s society there are a lot of business opportunities, to successfully operate a textile shop needs more efforts, the basic and indispensable business must have some skills. A, image window display, store display, store and POP.   […]