The world’s largest P2P pirated resources download site KAT domain name was blocked access

Beijing time on July 21, 2016, the United States Department of justice official website suddenly released the notice, declared that the world’s largest P2P website Kickass Torrents download pirated resources (hereinafter referred to as KAT) station, the 30 year old Ukrainian Artem Vaulin was arrested in Poland on the same day, the current domain name website was blocked, unable to access. Then the United States national television network CNN, American Broadcasting Center ABC, the daily mirror and other mainstream media sites, with the major technology and game site has been reported before, the degree of concern on the matter as not all websites like the Pirate Bay (The Pirate Bay) banned events. read more

An example of news to hype the site

Recruitment site into 2007 Internet hotspots, small sites can be free to send information to seize the local market

is likely after the search, blog, video, Internet has become a hot growth in 2007.Said

calendar. That is to say, if you do not consider repeated job search success rate, at least 1/5 registered users from got jobs.

stations accounted for 37.7% of the proportion. At the same time, 55.7% of online job seekers believe that online recruitment can basically find their own work, there are 25.3% Online

    unexpected is that the recruitment network is not a professional recruitment website in a one-man show, some areas of the classified information site, local website forum, because

free release recruitment information, also by many enterprises favored. At present, the domestic large-scale talent website provides the service for the enterprise unit

, the annual cost in the thousands of more than. In some of the crowd, but also gathered a number of elite groups of small sites recruitment information is completely free.


    in Guangzhou, a famous work forum "nine to five" as an example, gathered tens of thousands of active Guangzhou commuters and white-collar workers. Release a free

information for tens of thousands of personnel recruitment is open, a great chance to find the right talent.

, small site and toll site coexist, seize the. read more

Pig network CEO Zhu Mingyue Witkey free revolutionary work

pig network CEO Zhu Mingyue (Tencent technology plan)

11 and 18 news, CEO Zhu Mingyue in the "2010 first global Witkey conference said," Witkey can use a network cable, a computer can carry out the work, so as to avoid the ordinary white-collar work around trouble, Witkey set off national free working revolution.

Zhu Mingyue pointed out that more than 50 million of the world currently has about 20000000 Witkey and Witkey nationwide, most of them are in the form of a part-time do Witkey, among them, the highest income can reach a monthly income of 20 thousand yuan, more than 100 thousand yuan annual income of millions of them: "some people are working full-time, is that they use their own actions, free work, work at home is coming of age". read more

How to do a good job of post marketing in QQ space limited recovery

before we say why QQ space access will be restricted, the main reason is that the US has made some Tencent platform in violation of rules, these records may be we are not aware of, we think their content is not illegal, but for a long time, the system will sweep sweep to us, this is our treatment to space restricted access. So when we have limited access to the recovery of the later stage of our marketing work and how to do it?.

space is limited for us, your number will feel bigger after this is a homely meal, will often encounter. The main reason is that our visit is too large, as well as more content, more than we have been in the system after the investigation is more frequent, so the probability of injury on the big. We know that our limited space in general, it takes four to fifteen working days, if said after fifteen days of our space has not been restored then only to find customer service. So when the space is restored, we need to do a lot of things, but also more cautious. What do we need to do, read more

Three months to earn $one million through Adsense

2006 in March 16th, a senior member of the markus007 in the webmaster World Forum issued a post, the title is: How did I earn one million in the next 3 months.

because the webmaster world is not allowed to post any of the site’s address, in the membership information, markus007 did not write their own website. So, although the post has a very heated discussion, many people do not know what he refers to a website. Through some investigation, I found his name is Markus Frind, his website is Plenty Of Fish, which is a free dating service site. Now there are millions of members, the daily page views Pageview is fourteen million to fifteen million. read more

What is the right way to promote the site

a lot of companies or individuals always do not know what SEO is, they think, do not spend money to do SEO to promote the effectiveness of the auction faster. A site in order to achieve short-term goals, the choice of promotion is a good choice. However, from the long-term interests to consider, then the promotion may not be the right choice. So, what is the difference between SEO and SEO? For promotion in which? Here, I put the difference between the two ways out, hoping to solve all the doubts in their mind, also can choose a suitable way to promote their own site. read more

Today PR update, your site PR update

Today Google PR  new adjustment. Look at your website PR update?   PR query: 

    Google (PageRank) is a method used by Google search engine to evaluate the importance of a web page. Google through the PageRank to adjust the results, so that those who are more important in the search results of the web site in the search results to enhance the ranking, thereby improving the relevance and quality of search results.The station is

    the higher the PR value, the weight of the page search keywords links out more. The simplest form is: for example,   the same keyword       more than a few high PR page   his search on the front row. Rather than the keyword itself PR high, ranked in the forefront of search. Because of the high PR link can be in the front. This is a lot of webmaster confused place, said why a PR very low page, but can row in front of his search results.


      another page analysis on PR: and   PR values are different  with  is different read more

How to operate the talent network to go further

the day before yesterday, just set up a Shenzhen Talent Network: for more than a month after the planning, the establishment of a new mode of operation, mode or charged to the enterprise, but the network model and the talent is not the same, of course, is not possible to speak out, we rely on the brain thought, want to do a talent network, must do some.

A: can bring talent nets to the enterprise?

two: can you bring a job seeker


three: do not need to carry out talent recruitment job? read more

How to talk about local fast food stores to promote the application of their reservation

is currently the number of ordering APP also many beauties like hungry takeaway, such as ordering platform has a mobile phone version of the application. But the local fast-food strength together and develop ordering application is mainly in order to expand the customer base, in the city to promote their fast food. APP ordering the same function, and ordering type can be divided into two kinds of individual and team ordering ordering, like meeting would belong to the team ordering.

is ordering some companies or units, the general needs are food, fast food is the main chinese. In fact, ordering APP function can also be more perfect, for example: mobile phone users to download the application to specify the ordering, ordering time automatic SMS alerts. Most commuters may forget the reservation time, SMS or voice remind more humane. In addition, ordering APP can also push the daily diet related knowledge or news. read more

Promote the use of small tools to share the experience of the site two

        last night I had a gadget, this is a very funny thing, because I see in my blog, found a IP from the search engine is "live many days" keywords. I visited 2 years ago to write an article to calculate how many days I live? "The article, in fact, is to talk about the ASP and ASP.NET time function, just a small example, it is really interested in this issue?

    then, I will spend 10 minutes doing a "see you live many days? Gadget, address: read more

The key of SEO program website promotion

search engine rankings to enhance the effectiveness of the SEO project, in part, depends on the growth of the site’s external links. It’s probably not a secret for SEO. Search engine hope that the website can through their own continuous development, naturally get links from the outside. This link, the search engine gives a high voting weight.

most of the domestic web site administrators have the habit of switching links, or has been listed as one of the day-to-day operations of the site. It is because of the growing popularity of the exchange of links, search engines are gradually reducing the importance of these links. read more

Group purchase website safe winter 2012 battles

in a cloud of controversy, with the "shuffle", "cold", "winter" label, group purchase industry in the domestic e-commerce market is finally out of the shadow of 2011. According to the statistics of the group 800, until the end of November 2011, the group purchase station a total of 3907, a decrease of 3.7%. The upcoming Spring Festival will bring a glimmer of respite to buy the industry, a huge consumer demand will be released in a short period of time, ample liquidity on the market will accelerate the adjustment of the pattern of buy. The new year is expected, group purchase industry will usher in the change make only superficial changes in the business model. read more

Suning large warehouse to put into operation in preparation for double 11, the overall speed of larg

double eleven each year, the major electricity supplier in addition to the price of competition, but also to spend a lot of effort to compete with the service and experience put, sent to be sent more quickly, to meet the needs of consumers to buy that service. The day before, the reporter was informed that the large warehouse Suning in Nanning, Lanzhou, Zhengzhou and other places new have been put into operation, Guangxi, Gansu, Henan area large household appliances distribution up to half a day, the full realization of the next day, Suning eleven overweight double service experience. read more

Analysis of the legal problems in e-commerce activities

Abstract: in recent years, with the development of information technology and popularization of Internet, e-commerce of China’s sustained and rapid development, playing an increasingly important role in the prosperity of the domestic market, expand consumption and reduce logistics costs, improve circulation efficiency etc.. At the same time, the development of e-commerce in China is still in the initial stage, the overall application level is relatively low, the trading environment needs to be improved, the social public to the electronic commerce’s recognition and acceptance needs to be improved, especially in e-commerce activities there are a lot of problems have been solved or. This paper intends to analyze the legal problems existing in e-commerce activities in the knowledge economy society, and puts forward some personal suggestions from the angle of economy and law. read more

Taobao will improve the evaluation system

said: the improvement of the original intention of exposure of real experience changes in buyers in the transaction process, reference information to provide users with more real and complete; the seller real service information as much as possible out of the disclosure, improve the malicious bad operating costs.

Taobao evaluation system to improve the key points

1, will be displayed at the front of the rating change process

2, review the contents of a publication shall not be modified, modify delete, the original evaluation content is still displayed in front of read more

Taobao VS WeChat mobile business card battle broke out

22 PM, following the WeChat blocked links, the phone Taobao has also been screened for WeChat. Currently, the phone Taobao has shut down from WeChat jump to Taobao goods and stores channel, click on the link from WeChat’s Taobao products and stores to enter, will jump to the phone’s Taobao download installation page.

to shut down WeChat channel for mobile phone, Taobao said, WeChat channel is closed because of a large number of recent users, WeChat through their circle of friends or marketing number sent to the link to click into the fake Taobao shop, two empty money fall into the trap, what is more, some users mistakenly enter contains shopping information "fishing links", directly taking away buyers payment account number and password, the stolen bank card money. Mobile phone Taobao, WeChat shut down the channel is to protect the safety of users demand angle based decisions by closing the WeChat channel, can avoid the maximum deceived consumers, eliminate bad business fraud. read more

Limit red child limited activity, only 4 days!

dear affiliate member:

redBaby maternal supplies network now introduce 2 particular praise products for 4 days, the sale of ~

activity date: 2008.01.03-2008.01.06

1 NACF honey grapefruit tea

buy 2 donated a pair of

eye mask


2 Xinjiang Hetian Jade Jujube

buy six give a


more new year promotions at the same time.

linktech alliance


Union address: read more

And the blog to get traffic

first, do Wangzhuan friends you can build one or 20 in the blog Hexun, build a theme name, you can go to Baidu search is a hot word, in words, ranking in more than 2 million novels, for example: as the blog’s name, so that it can easily be included in Baidu, the is a little

second: add some circle of friends, circle of friends and the more the better, also add some circles, because some circles there are at least dozens, hundreds of the biggest, you published an article every 4 or 5 circles will bring many flow; read more

That’s how I earn 70 thousand yuan a month

1, I have been pondering the site for three or four years, the real money is from the beginning of this year. The following is my site from the beginning to now in some cases.

2, and now my master IP average of around 150 thousand, the site last month, income of $70 thousand, this month has now been more than last month, advertising costs only more than 6 thousand, mainly by the membership fee.

I now staffing: I +2 MM customer service +2 editor +1 part-time PHP developers. Office location: in my rented room 1, room 2. Started in March this year to do the main station, the first month invested 8000 to buy a website, the time to buy the site to earn only $more than 1 thousand. I have thought about how to develop this website, of course, there is no 100% confidence. Through continuous analysis of data, organize site columns and find promotion channels spent 1 months, second months, I began the development of membership fees, then the free membership of more than 20 thousand, active up to 2000, the development of membership fees more than and 400, membership fee income 40 thousand, advertising fees earned more than 3 thousand, I summed up the end of the month secretly glad that I do. read more

Look to play traffic flow, advertising alliance, OK

recently found that playing flow alliance also started to do the promotion, the League last year in use, the user is old, always feel quite cool to play traffic is quite special, I used all the Union and other are not the same, I quite appreciate their program, also very love something new to him who. My station is a movie station, I used to talk about the flow of traffic to play the league, and why I have been able to do so long flow of traffic union reasons.

1, high code click rate means that I can make more advertising and traffic revenue. I hung the play flow union advertising, probably about 2.9 cents per click (because it is advertisement carousel, some advertising unit price is low), looks than some union is low, but the click rate so high ah, than that nearly 1 cents a click price but thousands of IP point less than a few times advertising to make some. I stand 5000 IP a day, one day can earn between $3 to $4. Before hanging a league advertising 8 cents a click, one day more than $1. read more