Deep blue travel gluttonous

let you enjoy a feast in the sea 800 meters, so what kind of experience? Do you want to think. Xiao Bian told you that such things are happening.

Yi Chunzhu catering group ushered in its high-end catering brand – New 800 meters deep seafood buffet to create high-end seafood buffet delicacy new experience, create healthy delicacy culture. The main fashion exquisite restaurant health Jinding small Hot pot, the pot top seafood do, meet diners taste buds and healthy capital double enjoyment, more capital catering fashion adds a touch of Royal blue. read more

Tianjin first mortgage interest rate of 4.16% the lowest average

real estate recovery, many people will have the demand to buy a house. But many people buy a house, they need to purchase the form of mortgage loans. Therefore, the interest rate for the purchase of housing demand is closely related to the people. Here we look at the Tianjin Tianjin first mortgage interest rates are average.

is about to pass in May the country’s first suite average interest rate fell below 5%, reaching a record low of 4.49%. Among them, Tianjin first mortgage interest rate of 4.16% for the lowest average. This is the financial search platform 360 latest mortgage report released. read more

Buy the industry to buy navigation development

industry as a new force in the rise of group purchase, just more than 1 years, can be said to be a huge impact, especially in the advertising industry, group purchase group purchase related industries, including navigation, group purchase related industries are gradually complete perfect, of course, to stimulate the economic growth of group purchase industry, promote consumption, and promote the development of the advertising industry the requirements provided by the industry also help a lot of people to solve a lot of problems, can be said that the group purchase industry has played a significant role. read more

Four strokes teach you how to run a good restaurant

employment   difficult problem, so that their own business has become the first choice for young people to develop their own career, look at the current investment market. Food and beverage industry has been an important area of business investment, but also because of this, the food and beverage industry competition has intensified, how to survive and develop in the competition has become a topic of concern. Here, we provide you with several restaurant tips, hoping to help you.

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Demonstration of the value of the model began to decline in the Internet Era

Internet era, what is changing, even the attitude of the model is also changing. For the current business model, more should be from their experience to find the law, rather than simply imitate. Demonstration of the value of the model in the Internet era gradually decline, it is worth thinking entrepreneurs.

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China’s top ten sofa brands in 2017

in all kinds of furniture, the sofa is a very important component, it is people’s recognition, so that the industry was born a lot of brands. In a word, the sofa is one of the indispensable furniture in the living room. Therefore, the choice of a comfortable sofa is also very important, the market a lot of types of sofa, then sofa brand which is good? How to choose a suitable sofa?

in the flood of counterfeit goods today, if you do not have a pair of piercing eye but will eat a lot of losses. So in the purchase of a certain type of merchandise must be on the top ten brands have a certain understanding of the sofa, then in the selection process, you will find one of the mysteries". Following along with me to understand the next 2017 China’s top ten brands of sofa knowledge. read more

How to do beauty salons in order to better attract customers

beauty is the nature of each individual, so the market the beauty salon beauty salon business will be so hot, how to better attract customers, managers tried to use all kinds of marketing strategy, here Xiaobian summarized some, let’s take a look.

in an invincible position in the fierce competition in the market, should pay attention to the following details:

A: Hardware

1: the appropriate positioning of the store to fit.

In addition to the

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How to open a successful brand tea shop

now more and more people to refine tea, tea is also a good way to leisure health. Today, the market development of tea industry is also increasingly hot, a lot of investment to the franchisee opened a tea brand store was in the industry of wealth, investment brand tea stores want to get a good income, you must have a good grasp of the method.

brand tea chain, the business area of less than 60 square meters. Brand tea is a high consumption of repetitive products. One is that many brands of tea varieties, two is because all consumers are Xixinyanjiu, now the tea brand chain store brand of tea are not accounted for a large proportion. Brand tea to do the characteristics of sales is that, if you can grasp the selling point of the brand tea, and can be a good introduction, brand tea is a repeat consumption is very strong, considerable sales of products. If you can not grasp the selling point of the brand tea, can not guide the customer consumption, relying on natural sales, then the brand tea varieties are filled with more like it. read more

Open jewelry store to pay attention to details

jewelry demand, profit space is vast, open jewelry store is also a lot of people’s ideas. So, how entrepreneurs in the fierce competition out of a road? Open jewelry stores, we must learn to pay attention to detail, to seize the details of consumers to create more profits.

1: how to locate the target market

the target consumer group: individuality jewelry store consumer group positioning in the female consumers, urban fashion girl, occupation female, female students are the main consumer group.   accessories category can include: plush toys, bracelet, mobile phone accessories, cosmetics tools, ornaments, jewelry purse. read more

Adsense nets daily broadcast buy site to accelerate the integration of Apple launched a new patent

1 buy site accelerate the integration of the industry’s top ten share of 80%

after the user complaints, layoffs, and many other high turnover contraction front after the storm, group purchase industry began a long period of fission, station closings and transformation station also accelerated integration under the impetus of the capital.

rise in 2010 to buy the site, after experiencing the crazy shuffle in 2011, this year has shown a shrinking trend. The group 800 data show that in May this year, group purchase sales of 1 billion 770 million yuan, in just more than a year, the total number of group purchase website is back to the beginning of the scale, in May only 2996, while more than 60% of them have already no longer real operation. read more

Pornography is still in our grass root men are also affected by the thunder clouds

with us for fun "grass root" man was all the shelves under the tank, I heartache ah! Well, despite the pain do not say first, look at what is the analysis of the reasons of industry? The industry called the shelf reason: or due to the Japanese AV actress on the shelf, to the AV actress, more netizens guess is because pornography net net action continues.


video "grass root men" entrance is still

unfortunately after opening can not see the

previously, there is news that due to pornography, micro-blog is part of the Japanese AV actress who has disappeared, some netizens shouted, Cang teacher hold on! "Anti pornography net net 2014 ·" this action seems particularly strict, now including 91 Panda Reader network, amidst the red novel network etc. literary sites banned or closed; video website or by the effect of Nora transformation was forced to issue a message, is considered a Indoorsman artifact called it, was stripped of the coat Indoorsman artifact "gorgeous". read more

Dangdang Gome cooperation shop 3 months on the line short-term hard to change the pattern of the ele

industry has long been rumored and Gome online mall alliance event was finally settled. March 1st, Gome online mall in the mail sent to the newspaper said in an alliance with the United States online store event has made substantial progress, Gome online mall CEO Han Depeng and President Li Guoqing (micro-blog) has been confirmed the news. According to Dangdang senior public relations director Kwak to the investor news reporter revealed that the United States and the United States to cooperate with the new appliance city should be in the first half of March can be on-line". read more

Japan UNIQLO January same store sales fell 2.5% fell for 6 months

fast retailing group today announced the January Uniqlo Japan UNIQLO sales performance, the first month of 2017 Uniqlo Japan UNIQLO recorded 2.5% same store sales decline, has fallen for 6 consecutive months.

Fast Retailing Co.Ltd. news, fast retailing group shares fell 2.17% Tuesday at 35140 yen, so far this year has plummeted 15.99%.

excluding business, January Uniqlo Japan UNIQLO same store sales decline would be reduced to 3.6%, the period of Japan’s total sales Uniqlo UNIQLO recorded a decline of 2.8%. Which passenger traffic fell 5.4% month, only passenger price increase of an increase of 3%. read more

Online education has become a hot bubble but secretly staking blind entry

popular online education kept hidden behind the

rule Weekend reporter Cai Changchun

suddenly like a night of spring breeze, recently, the major domestic online education companies bullish all the way.

in the hottest stock market, has been trying to transition to online education service provider A shares of listed companies "full education" listed only 14 months, in March 24th, trading at 320.65 yuan, become A shares the history of the first high priced shares.

at the same time, together with the operating network, ape exam library and many other online education companies are almost to grab headlines rhythm, have focused on publishing favorable financing. Work together with the D round of financing $100 million hit the domestic K12 (International Education on the basis of the general education) online education in the field of the largest single amount of financing. read more

Recent cases of copyright infringement

      infringement play "Huo Yuanjia" final victory

      LETV Mobile Media Technology Co. Ltd. because of unauthorized, online movie "Huo Yuanjia" in their business website music as online play, by the movie "Huo Yuanjia" information network dissemination in Chinese mainland power company to court well-being of people. 2007, the first intermediate people’s Court of Beijing City, the court of final appeal as the company’s compensation for economic losses 110 thousand yuan. read more

Shi Yuzhu responded to the giant network research and development costs declined last year due to th


technology news September 1st afternoon, Shi Yuzhu in response to media questioned on a giant network of R & D costs in micro-blog, he said "the giant network development costs decline, because last year inflated distribution options. Last year, the giant network sent to R & D personnel 10% stake in the company, the value of equity should be included in the income of R & D personnel, so last year, high research and development costs."

Shi Yuzhu micro-blog

previously, the media "the giant network development costs is plummeting and find a new breakthrough" pointed out: the return of the giant, has not had on a "journey" became a famous scenery. Today’s game is the world’s hand travel, while the giants rely on the survival of the end of the tour and page travel share is gradually declining. In order to seize this wave of hand travel tuyere, the major companies are increasing investment in research and development tour. But the giant, but sharp cuts in R & D expenses at the moment uncharacteristically. Data show that over the same period last year R & D spending as high as 459 million, but in the first half of 2016, research and development expenses in management fees fell by 48%, only about $238 million. To know the core of a game company is the ability of making games, and decreased cost of development, especially the large decline, there are two reasons: one is the existing mature works and have a stable cash flow, the second is the company is gradually reducing development costs for the investment and seek another development direction. read more

The world’s largest P2P pirated resources download site KAT domain name was blocked access

Beijing time on July 21, 2016, the United States Department of justice official website suddenly released the notice, declared that the world’s largest P2P website Kickass Torrents download pirated resources (hereinafter referred to as KAT) station, the 30 year old Ukrainian Artem Vaulin was arrested in Poland on the same day, the current domain name website was blocked, unable to access. Then the United States national television network CNN, American Broadcasting Center ABC, the daily mirror and other mainstream media sites, with the major technology and game site has been reported before, the degree of concern on the matter as not all websites like the Pirate Bay (The Pirate Bay) banned events. read more

An example of news to hype the site

Recruitment site into 2007 Internet hotspots, small sites can be free to send information to seize the local market

is likely after the search, blog, video, Internet has become a hot growth in 2007.Said

calendar. That is to say, if you do not consider repeated job search success rate, at least 1/5 registered users from got jobs.

stations accounted for 37.7% of the proportion. At the same time, 55.7% of online job seekers believe that online recruitment can basically find their own work, there are 25.3% Online

    unexpected is that the recruitment network is not a professional recruitment website in a one-man show, some areas of the classified information site, local website forum, because

free release recruitment information, also by many enterprises favored. At present, the domestic large-scale talent website provides the service for the enterprise unit

, the annual cost in the thousands of more than. In some of the crowd, but also gathered a number of elite groups of small sites recruitment information is completely free.


    in Guangzhou, a famous work forum "nine to five" as an example, gathered tens of thousands of active Guangzhou commuters and white-collar workers. Release a free

information for tens of thousands of personnel recruitment is open, a great chance to find the right talent.

, small site and toll site coexist, seize the. read more

Pig network CEO Zhu Mingyue Witkey free revolutionary work

pig network CEO Zhu Mingyue (Tencent technology plan)

11 and 18 news, CEO Zhu Mingyue in the "2010 first global Witkey conference said," Witkey can use a network cable, a computer can carry out the work, so as to avoid the ordinary white-collar work around trouble, Witkey set off national free working revolution.

Zhu Mingyue pointed out that more than 50 million of the world currently has about 20000000 Witkey and Witkey nationwide, most of them are in the form of a part-time do Witkey, among them, the highest income can reach a monthly income of 20 thousand yuan, more than 100 thousand yuan annual income of millions of them: "some people are working full-time, is that they use their own actions, free work, work at home is coming of age". read more