Fishing tackle shops need to pay attention to what the reception of the request

fishing tackle industry as a dark horse in the market today, a lot of investment by the entrepreneurs of all ages, but to be a fishing tackle store by success, we have a lot of things to learn, such as management skills, such as service, but there is one thing that is very easy to […]

Tencent joint creation of public space and SOHO joint venture dream platform

2015 years, we are talking about entrepreneurship. At present, the Internet giants have begun to get involved in the field of business incubation, Tencent create a public space to join hands with SOHO3Q to build entrepreneurial platform to help entrepreneurs to play a strategic cooperation model aggregation force. "cooperation with the Tencent public record space […]

VeryCD remove all shared resource links or to transform

recently have users found that they prefer to download sites, (VeryCD) eD2k download link all the resources that are hidden in the "download" leaving a "the resources for the copyright protection content statement, VeryCD does not provide the download.". as a well-known domestic resource sharing site, users can not help but wonder: VeryCD is dead, […]

SARFT LETV serious violation of cooperation with the integrated license ban

music on Wednesday suffered more than half a year since the volume fell, the industry believes that the Department of OTT the most stringent rectification in the background of lying gun". The great wisdom news agency on Thursday learned exclusively, LETV is SARFT criticized Internet companies, according to license party insiders said, SARFT has verbally […]

The luxury goods business without authorization into the unspoken rule consumers difficult to distin

Beijing, April 25, (IT channel Pan Da) luxury "fake" and no merchandise authorization problem has been the focus of consumer complaints. Has become the industry unspoken rule and the sale of luxury goods business without authorization, this phenomenon is a direct result of the luxury online shopping market dragons and fishes jumbled together false ones. […]

The feasibility and necessity of developing app application in agricultural mobile phone

Guangdong Province, the southern rural news launched the "orange", "agricultural", "shrimp", "pig", supply and marketing cooperatives in Hunan province launched the "marketing", Guangxi Province issued a "agricultural intelligence online"…… These movements can be seen from all parts of the country are beginning to produce and popularize the application of mobile phone of agriculture, how everyone […]