Shop story 100 million offline sales line under the traditional brand of electricity providers can n

A5 [shop] business story, share development story of the store, and understand the cultural features of the shop, the shop operators have, grow together. dream Jiang: Hello guests, I am A5 dream River, thanks to participate in A5 electricity supplier [shop story] interaction, please do a self introduction, so that readers know you friends. Tilly […]

A large web site editor made a mistake to leave the news 163 network

08 years, worked in a large website editor yang. In the press release, the effect did not check the spelling is posted on the internet. Some things to see the content editing, screenshots and released in the net forum. Because the forum is the industry often on the site, so suddenly to see the editor. […]

The first group purchase Chinese summit will be held in Beijing on December

in China, the group has reached thousands of sites, buy is becoming a vigorous consumer movement, has become the most popular mode of network consumption. The "Groupon model" is known as the 2 group purchase, with its clear, simple and direct business model over the traditional building materials on both sides of the Changjiang River; […]

Langsha B2C Mall membership management the provision of a new path

The was founded only a year’s time, Langsha mall has been unknown to the public from inception has become the current leader knitwear B2C. At present, Langsha mall has tens of thousands of members and five hundred California customers, thousands of customer alliance, and laid a solid foundation for its development. mentioned in the field […]

Taobao issued new regulations lock up fuel card service value

Taobao can buy one thing less. Taobao once again hit dishonest buyers yesterday, Taobao released "without Taobao licensing rules" lock up stage return goods change notification, explicitly ban Sinopec, PetroChina gas card, except Tmall has further implementation of business access measures. The rules, to adjust the range of goods banned refueling card, such as the […]

Double eleven Carnival electricity supplier behind the wind control and security can not be ignored

[TechWeb] November 8th news, when the bus station, subway, elevator again hung with red billboards, meaning a new round of double eleven war has sounded the clarion call. However, under the increasing turnover and the national Carnival surface, business risk control and security situation is increasingly raging like a storm.   double eleven Carnival electricity […]

Taobao new regulations to prohibit the sale of sperm placenta and offenders subtract 48 points

news release December 24th, banned goods management specification change notice Taobao before the new rules ban on human genetic resource materials, provision of eggs and sperm, embryos can not be sold, offenders will be deducted 48 points. Specification requirements, specific circumstances change after the data of human genetic resources — Specification there are three main […]