7080 90 Taobao shopkeeper story

said the shopkeeper: old shop owner or person responsible for the management of the store (the "modern Chinese Dictionary"). Today, this old vocabulary has become synonymous with the network seller. At present, Chinese online shopping reached 120 million registered users, taobao.com has 98 million shop manager, another major feature of 2008 China online shopping market […]

Do a good job Taobao three questions what to sell, sell to whom, how to sell

Taobao is undoubtedly the best platform for grassroots business electricity supplier, so before doing Taobao, I think we need to think about these questions: do a good job Taobao three questions: what to sell, sell to whom, how to sell? the first question is, what to sell? sell what? Think of the Blue Ocean from […]

Experience entrepreneurial failure as long as you continue to die

reported in October 10th (compilation: hunting cloud network super Kandinsky) in the morning after the failure of our business, I just sent the child to kindergarten. Startups fail it feels like this impact on me with a hammer hammer violently on the floor of the nuts, crushed my heart broken. At that moment, I felt […]

Worth 10 billion 500 million third business 6 years exceeded 100 billion of his life experiences gee

Abstract: compared with Ren Zhengfei, Wang Xing’s achievements are not a little low, China had the largest social networking site, micro-blog founder Chinese website, now the largest group purchase website are from his hand, although the business failures, but he always unremittingly, and ultimately create a beauty group, 6 years of market capitalization reached billion, […]

We released four small WeChat program and you want to talk about the development process of small pr

as TGIDEAS technology research and development team, we like the other technical team focus on new technologies, new business form time, facing the new application form, combined with the actual business team, came out the following four small applications at the end of the year:   , which is the glory of the king race […]