Casual clothing to join the trend to create new trends in clothing

in our lives, the quality of life gradually increased demand. So, the choice of casual clothing to join the business, is a very powerful choice. How about casual clothes? Create a good quality of life! with the development of modern people’s self-awareness, how will the body in the best condition has become a hot topic […]

How to deal with the casual visitor supermarket

Although said the supermarket naturally want to enter the store will be a transaction customers, however, in the course of the actual operation of the shop, what kind of people are really. In short, when the supermarket business, we all hope that customers can more better, but customers is divided into various grades and ranks, […]

Group purchase website or group purchase website now closures beware of small absconding

in the second half of this year to the first half of next year, if the money burn group purchase website, there is only one choice, absconded." U.S. mission network head Wang Huiwen said. "The second half of this year there will be 90% of the group purchase site closures, group purchase website will face […]

NetEase received a civil rights lawyer letter no longer silent personal webmaster

controversy over the NetEase alliance in the event of silence finally broke out. popular by grassroots webmaster forum laggards webmaster forum moderator zero dimensional (Ding Guohua) led to the Alliance for the first bar: bad remuneration sent a lawyer’s letter to the NetEase, and asked to pay the arrears of remuneration posts in just two […]

50 social network micro-blog domain name everyone carrying bloody battle combat

Renren, Kaixin, QQ space to Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog, and other micro-blog, China’s social networking site from the bud to the prosperity of the rise to now, there has been another round of ups and downs. During this period, the website "DOA", also have a website "flourishing", more the website "rise directly to a high position". […]