Xining, Chengdu trade and Industry Bureau of friendship to pave the way for the two companies bypass

recently, the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and industry and Commerce Administration of Chengdu in the city of Chengdu signed a signing ceremony of the signing ceremony, signed an agreement. In the future, Chengdu, Xining will give full play to the advantages of the industrial and commercial departments, and actively pave the way […]

Housing construction 57 billion 500 million yuan generous building a better home

2016, the province’s housing system innovation, forge ahead, grasp the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development, the implementation of the new development ideas, efforts to promote the supply side structural reform, urban and rural planning to lead the increasing role of urban municipal infrastructure construction continues to accelerate, 80 thousand and 600 […]

Xining invested nearly billion yuan to build medical and health service system

This year, Xining invested nearly billion yuan of funds, and vigorously promote the construction of medical and health service system, so that the majority of the city’s residents to enjoy a comfortable, assured medical services. Xining City Planning Commission by actively raising funds for projects, 48 million 620 thousand yuan of new North District Emergency […]

Why office workers susceptible to cervical spondylosis in summer

is now in the summer, hot summer weather, a lot of office workers found themselves for cervical spondylosis, summer is indeed a high incidence of cervical spondylosis. The young, urban white-collar general cervical degenerative deformation is not serious, the change of temperature, humidity and other environment, little effect on the cervical spine, while the main […]

Analysis of the number of hot pot restaurant in 2016 need to open

        the pace of development of society continues to accelerate, with the development of the times, investment cost is increasing constantly, let us analyze 2016 Hot pot stores how much budget, hope to help more entrepreneurs.         for many investors, the most concerned about the issue of the shop […]

3 strokes to let you quit business and a former boss of friendship

for many people, the choice to quit the business is the courage to do, indeed, the resignation of entrepreneurship will face many problems, is a very risky thing. Starting with a domain that you are familiar with and networking, it will make your business more reliable. You want to leave the company, you will be […]