Dangdang responded CCTV exposure closed complaints shop unconditional return

Sina technology news March 20th morning news, last night for the CCTV "economic half-hour" exposure dangdang.com sale of cosmetics from wholesale market, dangdang.com issued a statement to respond, that has been closed shop deal with the complaint of shops, will provide unconditional return service. Dangdang admits cosmetics channel licensing has been a problem in recent […]

2016 in the first half of China’s electricity supplier transaction size of the first break 10 trilli

Hangzhou, September (Xinhua) (Hu Fengsheng) recently, the China Electronic Commerce Research Center released in 2016 (on) China e-commerce market data monitoring report 16. The report shows that the first half of 2016, Chinese e-commerce transactions amounted to 10 trillion and 500 billion yuan, an increase of 37.6%, an increase of 7.2 percentage points. Among them, […]

Ali wants to use electricity supplier to transform the wholesale price of imports or halved

cross-border trade is the hot word this year, if the consumer side of the cross-border B2C analogy into dew on the iceberg of the sea, then the cross-border B2B is hidden in the water most of the pang. Alibaba is through its website 1688 B2B import wholesale trade this big cake. in May 5th, as […]

Adsense preferred Google ads pop-up ad welcome lowest

In September 21st, the "2006 China Internet Conference will be held in Beijing, the conference will be the theme of" Innovation — opportunities brought by the Internet, as the General Assembly designated website sina.com.cn, exclusive release of the Internet community survey conclusion. In September 21st, according to the second Chinese Internet community released the latest […]

Zhang Xiangdong’s visit to entrepreneurs how to achieve success

according to the exact news, jiubang digital upcoming November 22nd Nasdaq, 13 this month, its founder Zhang Xiangdong went to Hongkong to participate in the roadshow, the subscription has greatly exceeded expectations. Zhang Xiangdong as co-founder of digital jiubang, had the media reporters, he presided over the 3G portal technology channel "entrepreneurs entrepreneurs dialogue" column, […]

Ma Yun called the more than 1 thousand women together. What did they say

Alibaba held a global conference of women entrepreneurs, but not a business chat. "don’t forget to put on makeup." "dress up, queen." walked into the scene of the first global conference of women entrepreneurs, I think of Ali’s public relations, probably also a little understanding of their meeting for the setting: everything is pink and […]