Female college students to earn a net profit selling dumplings

recent media reports that a female college student in Anhui started selling dumplings and attracted many people’s attention. Jiao Jiao, the name of the work is not a little girl college students with perseverance, to create their own brand of dumplings. "work for others", as well as their own business." This year, 25 year old […]

Rui Qi Shi joined the water heater market potential – how good business

water heater, in our life, has been very popular choice. How about the water heater? Loved by consumers, has a very high popularity. Join the Swiss hot water heater project, open a shop of their own brands, it is not a very good thing! how about the water heater? separation of water and electricity, more […]

More than one hundred people to study the culture of Kunlun

Towering Kunlun is a solid backbone of China, a symbol of the great spirit of the Chinese nation, Kunlun culture is one of the roots of Chinese culture. The morning of December 20th, the first Kunlun cultural summit Roundtable opened in Haixi of Delingha City, 20 provinces and cities nationwide more than 100 Chinese famous […]

A city north of the city of Xining District 12 evaluation Ying seized inspection teams in the region

Since August 28th, a strong organization and leadership to take measures to the north of the city of Xining District, deployed more than 60 people hit the city composed of 12 inspection teams in the evaluation of examination ", to meet the national assessment group for the arrival of a clean and beautiful environment.