Pet shop named dog dog like controversy

since it is a pet shop, a lot of people in the name of the hope that the name will be able to know that this is a pet shop, so, with the name of the pet store pet name is very much. A pet shop in Yuncheng will be "dog" as their name, hanging on the door, only to provoke criticism, some people say "dog" is the curse words, as a pet name is "lost face in Yuncheng".

it is a special pet name opened the chatterbox, we have talked about some rather personal names to see in their own lives. read more

Huangdao Qingdao area to set up a platform for female entrepreneurs – Business Incubator

China’s women have gradually set up a sense of entrepreneurship, many female passengers boarded the entrepreneurial stage. Recently, the Qingdao District of Huangdao set up a business incubator for her mother, specifically for the entrepreneurial willingness of mothers to provide exclusive help.

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Jiangsu science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship training

entrepreneurship related public service training is the current provinces and municipalities for the lack of knowledge of the status quo of a means of help. Jiangsu innovation and entrepreneurship training courses to science and technology as the main body, for young entrepreneurs who poke fog, find their own path of development.

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Management method of joining health wine

beverage industry has a lot of fine classification, there are a number of small categories in recent years unpopular to not, for example, health wine. Join the health wine project, which needs to adopt the method of operation? Many novice is certainly need to learn, do not understand do not tighten, the most important need to seriously study. Xiaobian finishing a number of programs, want to learn to look at it.

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Clothing stores do not open in what place

shop to do site work, we not only need to store to choose a suitable place, also need to avoid some shops not suitable for a shop where the probability so as to allow shops to get higher success. So, if you are interested in a clothing business, want to invest in the opening of the clothing store entrepreneurs, do you know what is not suitable for shop? In other words, clothing stores do not open where?

clothing is joined after the food and beverage industry after joining the second sunrise industry, its market space is even more extensive than the restaurant joined. So many people stare at this opportunity, have joined the industry to come. To this end, experts special tips, open clothing stores, in order to succeed in business, select the address is a very important step. We should open the shop where we can bring a lot of profit. Today Xiaobian to share with you is not the place where the clothing store can not be opened. We must not covet petty gain, choose some bad places, so your shop rent is saved, but your profit may be gone. So pay attention. read more

Chanzui dry pot spicy duck how of investment projects

dry pot but our school very love a delicacy snacks, the cash strapped students age we will choose to often go to eat hot pot, because it is not only affordable and delicious, eat a hundred tire. Of course, there are many brands in the food and beverage market, dry pot type is not the same. And dry pot is generally hemp and spicy Sichuan cuisine, more suitable for spicy taste. To open a pot with a pot of specialty shops will be able to win a good business. So, join the dry pot which good? Dry pot spicy duck fame. Do not just drooling, to taste a right to speak. read more

Join the home – how much money pie

traditional things in order to survive forever in the new era, we must know how to innovate on the basis of tradition. Catering industry is also the case, the traditional snack business model has not been able to meet the needs of consumers in the market, which requires the emergence of a new business model to change this inherent pattern. Home to join the meat pie, feel the new fast-food model brings unlimited wealth. Home meat pie to join the case to tell the majority of investors, to join the home meat shop, can quickly win the market in the food and beverage market. read more

Female college students to earn a net profit selling dumplings

recent media reports that a female college student in Anhui started selling dumplings and attracted many people’s attention. Jiao Jiao, the name of the work is not a little girl college students with perseverance, to create their own brand of dumplings.

"work for others", as well as their own business." This year, 25 year old Ding Jiaojiao, Anhui County, Huaining town college students, after graduating from college, she gave up the city’s white-collar life, resigned to start their own business. After 5 years of hard work, Ding Jiaojiao founded the annual output value of more than ten million yuan of food companies, and successfully entered Hefei, Wuhan and other large cities. By the local people as "dumplings xi". "Do food is conscience", "like processed food processing food". Ding Jiaojiao from join the food industry, has been adhering to this idea. read more

Rui Qi Shi joined the water heater market potential – how good business

water heater, in our life, has been very popular choice. How about the water heater? Loved by consumers, has a very high popularity. Join the Swiss hot water heater project, open a shop of their own brands, it is not a very good thing!

how about the water heater?

separation of water and electricity, more secure, non-metallic heat, 100% absolute security;

does not need preheating, no need to wait, more power saving than traditional electric water heater power saving 30%-50%;

compact size, noble appearance, easy installation, more space; read more

More than one hundred people to study the culture of Kunlun

Towering Kunlun is a solid backbone of China, a symbol of the great spirit of the Chinese nation, Kunlun culture is one of the roots of Chinese culture. The morning of December 20th, the first Kunlun cultural summit Roundtable opened in Haixi of Delingha City, 20 provinces and cities nationwide more than 100 Chinese famous poet, scholar of culture and Kunlun culture research experts gathered to discuss the culture of Kunlun. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. read more

A city north of the city of Xining District 12 evaluation Ying seized inspection teams in the region

Since August 28th, a strong organization and leadership to take measures to the north of the city of Xining District, deployed more than 60 people hit the city composed of 12 inspection teams in the evaluation of examination ", to meet the national assessment group for the arrival of a clean and beautiful environment.

by district and subdistrict office two departments to implement all-round supervision, has the effect, is the implementation of the check to check the progress of the implementation of no investigation reasons, influence on the implementation of the check responsibility, to ensure that every point, every detail, every time to full compliance, truly "problem investigation. The work is not up to the standard, not let go, the rectification is not in place left off, not to pursue the responsibility pass", and strive to create a good atmosphere in the evaluation of a City Ying seized the whole city.  
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Investment in early education programs need to be vigilant

early education industry development faster and faster, so many committed to join the education industry entrepreneurs, have joined in early education programs, how to reduce business risk? Create a promising development project for themselves? Each entrepreneur must be vigilant, carefully select the project, responsible for their wealth!

for those who understand the early education market, interested in joining the development center of the investment of the investors, early education is very popular and early joined the industry is completely worth the investment. But now education and training projects endless patterns, uneven quality, inevitably full of traps. The usual means are as follows: read more

Children’s toy market potential big plush toy gradually.

mother in the public good in the industry today, children’s toy market favored by more and more investors, now the performance of toys are more and more diversified, and in many of the building blocks toys, electric toys, electronic toys and so on kinds of plush toys, since there has been, still occupy the leading position in the toy in the industry.

it is understood that we often use what is widely accepted as an appropriate adjective in society". In the children’s toys, toy or gift market, the most "young and old" fan children is probably the plush toys, we can take a look at the various occasions (especially the wedding celebration with gifts and gifts), you can clearly see the figure of plush toys & gifts. read more

The water is very deep, Tmall store operating costs Xiangjie

now, want to start a lot of people, with the development of the industry, the scope of the choice is greater. Some people do 3 or 4 years of electricity providers, but also do not understand the cost which contains several items. Like CCTV playing Starbucks coffee, that the ex factory price of 20 yuan to get the hands of the product, as long as the sale of $40, he earned twice. In fact, today, if you operate in the Tmall shop, 20 yuan ex factory price of the product, with a price of 3 times the price of $60 sold, the result can only be a loss.

1 (product cost for example, 20 yuan); read more

Air purifier store sales tips to make your business success

now, our living environment, air pollution is more serious. In the home market, with the gradual increase in the demand for air purification, no doubt, is a very good advantage of the brand to join the venture. As we all know, with an air purifier stores, sales skills to make your business success!

The spread of

air purifier, improve sales performance depends on the shopping guide, air purifier store staff training method is worth learning, but most operators are using conventional training, routine training is the basic knowledge of training, divided into two parts, one is the product knowledge training, including the air purifier products structure and related product information training. Through these training, the salesperson can be targeted to the customer to buy a personalized guide. read more

Do dessert franchise business taste is the most important

do catering business, although also need to take into account the service, publicity, marketing and so on, but in the final analysis can determine the lifeblood of a restaurant or food flavor. Now raise the living standard of people to eat more and more exquisite, delicious not expensive, but is not good, so long as something delicious, high price is full of customers. So do dessert stores, enhance the popularity of the first taste of the sweet shop products.

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Join the cake house Ella awesome simple business headquarter to support entrepreneurship

is now the market trend is getting better and better, people’s economic level is constantly improved, so now many young people have joined the ranks of entrepreneurs, select the appropriate project what kind of investment? Follow the small series to understand this project to join the cake house Ella: always adhere to the innovation for the development of business philosophy, Ella house launched the cake every product in the choice of ingredients is very strict, each one carefully selected ingredients, high-quality cheese to make the cake by the praise of the market. Ella cake house to join, low investment cost, high profit. read more