The water is very deep, Tmall store operating costs Xiangjie

now, want to start a lot of people, with the development of the industry, the scope of the choice is greater. Some people do 3 or 4 years of electricity providers, but also do not understand the cost which contains several items. Like CCTV playing Starbucks coffee, that the ex factory price of 20 yuan to get the hands of the product, as long as the sale of $40, he earned twice. In fact, today, if you operate in the Tmall shop, 20 yuan ex factory price of the product, with a price of 3 times the price of $60 sold, the result can only be a loss.

1 (product cost for example, 20 yuan); read more

Air purifier store sales tips to make your business success

now, our living environment, air pollution is more serious. In the home market, with the gradual increase in the demand for air purification, no doubt, is a very good advantage of the brand to join the venture. As we all know, with an air purifier stores, sales skills to make your business success!

The spread of

air purifier, improve sales performance depends on the shopping guide, air purifier store staff training method is worth learning, but most operators are using conventional training, routine training is the basic knowledge of training, divided into two parts, one is the product knowledge training, including the air purifier products structure and related product information training. Through these training, the salesperson can be targeted to the customer to buy a personalized guide. read more

Do dessert franchise business taste is the most important

do catering business, although also need to take into account the service, publicity, marketing and so on, but in the final analysis can determine the lifeblood of a restaurant or food flavor. Now raise the living standard of people to eat more and more exquisite, delicious not expensive, but is not good, so long as something delicious, high price is full of customers. So do dessert stores, enhance the popularity of the first taste of the sweet shop products.

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Join the cake house Ella awesome simple business headquarter to support entrepreneurship

is now the market trend is getting better and better, people’s economic level is constantly improved, so now many young people have joined the ranks of entrepreneurs, select the appropriate project what kind of investment? Follow the small series to understand this project to join the cake house Ella: always adhere to the innovation for the development of business philosophy, Ella house launched the cake every product in the choice of ingredients is very strict, each one carefully selected ingredients, high-quality cheese to make the cake by the praise of the market. Ella cake house to join, low investment cost, high profit. read more

Fu Sheng the Internet is good to stand on the shoulders of the students to stand down and beyond

started in 360 Fu Sheng, in the absence of any resources to make up the 360 security guards. After leaving in 360, came to Lei Jun, let Fu Sheng become Jinshan network CEO, finally listed in the u.s.. I dark horse can not help but ask, Fu Sheng, it is a standing on the shoulders of giants? Or the giants behind the pillar of


a month after the company listed, Fu Sheng has a red Tesla car.

the CEO of listed companies is the first car ride from Beijing East sanhuan to Sihui, and invited all employees and the way to test drive a new car to write "ten operations to teach you better experience the Tesla". Of course, before doing these things, Fu Shengxian micro-blog thanks to a little lei. Because the car is Lei Jun gift. read more

DedeCms multi language enterprise website system beta release

after a few days. Membership online, give comments and suggestions of many small and medium enterprises Jianzhan special edition, the official dedecms thanked everyone to participate in the official online activities.


program has been repaired several errors, the official decided to carry out a wide range of beta of the new version, this public test hope to hear more friends. Site specific version of the sound of small and medium sized enterprises.

hope that our small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of participating in the program can be more and more perfect, and can become a real source of information for small and medium enterprises. At the same time, we hope that more people can join us. Technology alliance to let more people together to create a win-win situation with you. read more

Ma Yun also helpless who should pay for online shopping integrity

May 17th first network business fair, Ma Yun in the face of the problem of fake has been much criticized, Ma Yun is the first to admit that Taobao itself is not fraud, counterfeit goods and counterfeit goods and the existence of Taobao ", but he then only to Taobao on the fake seller issued a warning:" someday, someone will take the list to tell you how much do you sell fakes, you run away. To sell counterfeit goods not up to Taobao, because of the reprisals".

Although Ma Yun was condemned read more

Tencent Chery QQ trademark dispute on the final verdict Ma Huateng lost

Chery QQ trademark dispute case final verdict Ma Huateng lost

[TechWeb] September 14th news reports, the Beijing Municipal Higher People’s court before the Tencent v. State Administration trademark trademark review and Adjudication Board (TRAb) case made a final decision. The support of the court judges had to make a ruling, the Tencent ordered the revocation of cars and other goods "QQ" registered trademark.

at the same time, the decision also means that Chery and Chery on the "QQ" car trademark for 11 years of war ended, the company declared victory. read more

Those who make connections to the missing details of WeChat sellers have to pay close attention to

as a member of walking in the forefront of the web, often receive a variety of information, so WeChat Sellers one month net one hundred thousand, XXX fruit a year to sell millions of sellers, but WeChat really make money? Many friends often ask me, can only silently answer two words: oh. If you really mean it, you lose. Why do you say, WeChat sellers like Taobao Taobao than sellers, even said so reliable, because Taobao is real sales platform, but also Taobao: only 20% of the stores can make money. The rest are at a loss, and a lot of big sellers due to various cost is too high, selling more thanks to the more, for WeChat marketing, all sellers or less than 10% is really on WeChat to make money, even if it is not to make money, some WeChat marketing details we need to pay attention to. read more

Baidu + medical four word combination is very sensitive to change after Baidu how to go

a surgical treatment of heart disease in the United States, the cost is $90 thousand (about 620 thousand yuan), while the same operation in India is less than $2% of the cost of the United states. Not only the cost is low, the efficiency of India hospital is also very high, the operation of 900 units per month is equivalent to the amount of a year in the United States an ordinary university hospital.

this is a doctor of cardiovascular surgery at the Stanford University in the United States during a visit to India last thanksgiving. The doctor observed that a simple and practical intelligent medical system is more important than personal experience. read more

The commercial Internet Conference has been questioned from the show for misappropriating tools

Abstract: in addition to the above types of enterprises, the Internet site of the general assembly has a similar storm, Maxthon and PPTV such veteran Internet company." The person said the Internet portal, now everyone is hope for success, especially in the rapidly changing mobile Internet, there is no clear direction before, perhaps only.

reporter Zhang Xiaobin Beijing reported

this is not a big man but still hot Internet conference.

-15 August 13th, the twelfth session of the Chinese Internet Conference held in Beijing, although the industry’s highest level meeting, but the three Internet giants BAT as media support of the Tencent, other giants were not attending this year; and accordingly, the traditional IT, and has the advantages of the household electrical appliance enterprises vertical mobile Internet business, a session of the General Assembly the protagonist. read more

The corporate website is the website for the purpose of marketing or to the enterprise for the purpo

enterprise website what is the purpose of the site, is a site or in the marketing business promotion? This is a confused enterprise has been.

enterprise website construction of the significance of the two aspects, one is the network marketing, one is to show the enterprise image. But when the role of the two enterprises want to take into account, the problem appeared, the enterprise website framework for network marketing to the simple page, website to the main text content, website open speed fast, and search engine friendly. For the enterprise website frame display of corporate image of the complex, to be beautiful, you need special effects, most of the code for the JS code, this code is very influence web browsing speed, but also to be beautiful, to get on the flash, a lot of pictures, a lot of text content is placed in the flash with the picture, not knowing that the content display the search engine spiders read without moving, he can not read, it is not friendly to him, to the search engine friendly website, it is difficult for him to let you in his natural position there will be good with the weight of row, there is no ranking corporate website marketing you out of your website, also it is very difficult to promote your products. read more

Thousands of oaks without leadership, interaction only leadership – Chen Yizhou missing that tone

      several years ago, thousands of rubber as Chinese Web2.0 and a banner, if the March 2006 pan Thousand Oaks, the Atlantic investment group (GA), DCM, TCV, Accel and Lenovo investment institutions totaled $48 million in the first inflection point of the second round of financing as the fate of the major layoffs in September 2006 as the second inflection point.

      DUDU, mop, from UUME, 5Q, DONEWS,, sharing software registration center, campus network, network intervention plus midway vague, thousand oaks in 2 years of accumulated nearly 10 sites, not only a wide range of Web 2 in the wave of popular concept in the client software and operating P2P live video and download software. Until today there is no or not say clearly that one is truly successful, in holding this way VC "learning", Chen Yizhou is the "chief of staff" should be said that the influence is very large, as a "burn money and under the pressure of reality to have creativity and leadership, the development strategy of 1000 the oak has been kept in the revised, which makes Chen Yizhou look is a very unstable, there is no clear direction in itself but on" this thing can make money ", he is a kind of theory that is love, to promote a user needs to spend much money, so he should be very suitable for accounting. read more

Talk about my site experience

      so I started:
      on the computer and personal contact early, cute clever and tricky makes home in 2001-2002, between a computer and my brother (I myself know. Excuse,) are used to study, has been used to play the game. To the popularity of broadband even when the number of D version of the disc has been catching up with the number of 4 digits. D version of the CD content is divided into 3 kinds, one is the game, most, is a film and a part of MP3 (no pornographic content, a small part of the remaining ` ` `) is a lot of software (now home store to find about 50 or so, the disk is printed in looks like in irony, paoti, back). Our country D CD-ROM has a great advantage, is the professional very professional realm such as the game I ` ` ` a flurry of KOF 2000 in May with a StarCraft video game ` a A singer will complete with BCDEFG singer’s new album. In the aspect of software is more prominent. And because the software is smaller than the first 2, then mixed the things here.
      because of the time, interest, and rich resources (in addition to a variety of disc, the magazine ` too much computer newspaper now home has several bundles, my little brother has been reluctant throw in the game) ` ` ` ` ` ` each play through, the movie rotten, I finally found there in a pile of software! Oriental web! This thing!!!
      and a study to help all finished, it was very interesting so I started my station road ““
            & nbsp;  
      the stage of the early works:      
      02 to 03 years, my brother opened a cafe (called the Pacific Internet, because we often go to the Pacific computer network at the time) several popular games, Internet cafes in the Pacific most fire is a game called the Millennium (a few years ago > robes read more

Hobbies and diligence have made my dream come true

      often go to webmaster nets see the webmaster story! Some sigh, there are some good helpless!! in addition to the environmental impact on the US, the rest is our own effort!

      83 years I was born in rural Jiangsu, although the family was poor, but the net time or later. The first contact is the high school computer room, but at that time the school 486 is unable to access the computer just to see the letters on the keyboard does not know where to start typing speed. Only 1 minutes on 10 words, the time of their own is not particularly confident, always feel more than others. Oh! As the first contact with the Internet and the experience of a lot of people went to Internet cafes and classmates, laments about here, QQ is really a lot of us first teacher, my first words do on the Internet what is the application of QQ, the QQ I have been still used, but other things would not have done it. Playing games are not really! Is genius level rookie! Cabbage home read more

Sign up for stationmaster net third Taobao guest Wangzhuan training class

system through the Taobao customer training content, Taobao off the first batch of students all begun to achieve profitability, the second batch of students have begun to achieve profitability, some of the students on the real income of more than 500, in the webmaster’s request, third training Taobao guest Wangzhuan beginning to accept the registration.

training content: Taobao customer money training

training: 40 people (in accordance with the order of registration, full of people)

registration consulting: QQ:886128 (hadron) phone 0516-83818263 18605160189 to leave contact phone number, QQ, and name read more

Promotion strategy of Hualong group food website

  in the face of the rapid development of the Internet in China, more and more traditional enterprise decision-makers are considering how to rely on this new wave of economic prosperity. Therefore, there is the two instant noodles and the Internet at first glance unrelated words with the perfect combination of electronic commerce.

      Hualong, see every day ", this sentence is the advertising language and known. The introduction of this brand is the Hebei group of Hualong. The second group is a national large-scale enterprise group taking the instant noodles, now covers an area of 400 thousand square meters, the total assets of 1 billion 300 million yuan, a total of more than 6600 employees. At present, the group’s annual production capacity of 360 thousand tons, the production and sales volume in the country with the industry’s top three, is a very dynamic and development potential of the national instant noodles food industry. How to enhance the corporate image with the advantages of the Internet, enhance the competitiveness of the group, to further expand the market, the Group Chairman and President of the fan is now the country important issue. Then, in September 99 the group successfully registered the Hualong group international domain name ( and domestic domain (, and began to build the Hualong group website in September 99, English made in two versions, a total of more than and 70 ". After more than 3 months of preparation, Hualong group website was officially opened in January 2000, into the trial operation phase. Next, the group conducted a large efforts to promote the work: read more

Is it wrong to use CN domain name

also recently somehow, online rumors about the CN domain in particular, what search engines prefer COM, CN to lower the PR value ah, what CN spam sites particularly by search engines, to give up ah, like an outcast like domain name is CN. I do not know how others see, anyway, I think it is very strange, is it good for people on the COM thousand good?

and the vertical CN are not the right person is to say:

a, "CN domain name note"

COM domain name, I have not used, so you can not say anything about the use of. However, there are some things that can be inserted. Some people say that because the CN domain name the price, as long as one yuan a year, so do the 4 bit CN has almost not to note, said the CN has began to spread, just like the COM domain where a bunch of 4 meters waiting for him to register it, actually? You can easily register to the 4 bit COM? Actually I saw many webmaster colleagues for 3 bit 4 CN domain name. This scene, in previous years can not see. read more

Herbal flavor is really want you to buy three squirrels into a platform for migrant workers

days ago, haoxiangnizao industry Limited by Share Ltd to 960 million yuan acquisition of becheery "(James Hao Hangzhou Food Co. Ltd) approved by the sfc. The leisure food business mergers and acquisitions in the first case, the audit report released by the two sides detailed disclosure of becheery sales of nearly three years, but the green squirrel noticed the main cost for platform promotion costs, platform Commission and courier, three sales of the highest occupied 69.8%.

It also highlights the read more