The province’s only national professional and technical personnel to continue education base inaugur

  in December 17th, the national professional and technical personnel continuing education base in the school of continuing education, Qinghai University inaugurated. The base is approved by the State Ministry of human resources and social security, one of the first 20 bases, but also the province’s only national professional and technical personnel to continue education […]

4500 tons of food and vegetables to stabilize prices in our province

after the Spring Festival, the temperature is generally lower, affected by the decline in production of most vegetables producing areas in our province, the retail price of vegetables is generally higher, for the price of vegetables after steady work, from February 15th to February 28th, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center (hereinafter referred to as […]

North District launched the four largest investment zone to build a new landmark north of 6 billion

July 27th 2013, Xining city development and Investment Fair Seongbuk investment environment and key projects to promote the meeting, North District launched Menyuan Road area, West apricot area, Qilian road block and a living area angle machine plots, 4 plots, focus on the promotion of Small and micro businesses business park, in times square too […]

Xining customs will take the initiative to serve as an open economy this year

vice governor Wang Lingjun in the January 25th meeting of the Xining customs in 2011 work meeting the requirements of all customs, the customs should play an important role in the national macroeconomic regulation and control, the concept of service innovation, adapt to the situation, put the focus of work in promoting the "four development", […]

What is the secret of the success of Chinese restaurant chain

any store operation, if you can be successful, often because of the use of a lot of skills. After all, the competition is fierce in all walks of life, skills will allow operators to operate more simple. As entrepreneurs, do you want to know the chain of high-end restaurants have what business model? In fact, […]

Hawker to join the security steak

is now the Internet development mature stage, in this world, can have a correct and useful information for the first time, then you have wealth, for catering entrepreneurs, timely and accurate information acquisition ability is very important. Take the steak shop investment. steak for ordinary people with surname, steak is a luxury, until haokelai steak, […]

How to join tea

milk tea to join, can make money and market prospects. This is the most common and most fool advertising, a puff of feeling. But if you are really in order to open the tea shop to choose the project and worry, small series really recommend a good brand for you – excellent tea beauty tea. […]