China type Wangzhuan, what form is the most suitable for Chinese

Internet in the beginning is very simple, may be just a few technical staff in their university to create, in order to facilitate communication between gadgets, inadvertently become to change the human way of life science and technology, and in the human population, any kind of behavior will include commercial factors, the Internet is no […]

Talking about the five errors in the operation of B2B e-commerce website

Now B2B e-commerce platform with small and medium-sized enterprise scale has been expanding and now has become very popular, there has also been a very fierce competition, such as Alibaba, HC and global resources network and so on, of course, these are more successful website, in addition to many of these sites have appeared the […]

Guide the site to a higher level through the rationalization of transactions

along with the Internet development, this year’s Taobao 11 festival also hit the transaction, but in turn, we observed small owners, most sites in trading is not active, the reason we will find many websites lack a transaction thinking, transaction mode and transaction channel, and as a site to be able to produce real profit, […]

Thunder 130 million yuan to sell Thunder KanKan million worth of domain names do

renamed China ( April 1st news, this morning, the thunder announced that Thunder KanKan will sell to 130 million yuan, millions of dollars worth of "see" the domain name uncertain.   figure: Thunder KanKan thunder announced today, with an independent third party Beijing nesound international media Limited by Share Ltd to reach a legally […]

Famous IT blog TechCrunch appointed first blog CEO

Donews column March 18th news (IT columnist: Zhang Xuewei) famous IT blog founder Michael Arrington announced the appointment of Heather Harde as chief executive officer of TechCrunch (CEO) (TechCrunch). It is reported that Fawkes was Heather Harde (Fox Interactive Media) vice president of media, FIM’s head of mergers and acquisitions. Michael Arrington confirmed that Harde […]