The 2012 Conference on network operators Ma predicted small and beautiful is the future direction of

Pu Zhengfu, Yunnan specialty sales at Taobao university graduates, from state-owned enterprises to switch to online shop. "One day in 2009, I saw the wife buy clothes online, I suddenly had an idea, can use the spare time to sell home products through the network, to promote the rich people in my hometown."

so, he registered a shop in Yunnan Dai Village love "on the Internet, began selling walnuts, pumpkin seeds, dried beef and egg soil and other farm ecological products. Now, he led the local development of walnut characteristic planting, farmers plant is also in preparation, shops from one part-time, to present a small team behind is a group of people. read more

Hundreds of thousands of minon lonely life

"others laugh at me too crazy, I smile they look not to wear", use these words to describe the mentality of minon again good however, in spirit, minon is a group of lonely, may not be understood by their parents, or may not be understood by some friends, is called by the client terminal misunderstanding.

shuttle every day in the city, renamed domain 66 Admin5 and CN, turning the placards, see countless names again and press the "immediate bid", frequently refresh auction page, this is the rice farming work, but only a part of them, hidden behind the hard work. read more

Taobao shop owner’s troubles online small businesses face transition

– editor’s note

recently, the shop to tax the news again affect the hearts of many entrepreneurs Taobao. Although the tax authorities will soon be denied, but Taobao small businesses facing transformation, but it is the trend.

two years ago, to start, Taobao became a buzzword. Taobao open shop, the threshold is low, more opportunities, once the success of millions of people dream of entrepreneurship, according to statistics, the number of Taobao shop has been close to 600. However, with the shop open more and more large electricity providers such as Jingdong, Dangdang, constantly swallowed the small business survival space; constantly touching the traditional line of business, and also in the small electricity supplier for tourists. Coupled with the increase in personnel costs, the price of courier fees, network promotion costs continue to rise…… "Escape from Taobao" has already become a kind of social phenomenon, as well as "escape North Canton". read more

Baidu technical problems today

browse Baidu site today, found a problem, I am very curious…… Did not know that the Baidu is black?

or intentionally damage advertisers money?

or working with YAHOO China? After landing here: Tn=renhuai_pg& ie=gb2312& bs=%CC%C7%C4%F2%B2%A1%D6%A2%D7%B4& sr=& z=& cl=3& f=8& wd=%CC%C7%C4%F2%B2%A1& ct=0

found that click here to connect directly to the Chinese YAHOO home page Usually here are the main promotion of Baidu. How to jump all the way to Yahoo today, read more

Gay social Blued founder Geng Le how to achieve 2 valuation of $300 million

Blued founder Geng Le (two row five left) photo with his team in the 13 anniversary of the establishment of the station network light blue.

as the world’s largest user of friends dating software, from China’s Blued last week announced the completion of the B round of $30 million financing, valuation has reached $300 million.

According to

, currently Blued 15 million users, 20% of overseas users. The founder of Geng Le from the police told the surging news, hoping to build Blued into an internationally influential gay social software, B round of financing is the final choice of the United States top venture investment institutions DCM, is the value of the influence of international resources and the international. read more

Internet entrepreneurship is a dream Or reality New network Trilogy to explain

Ma Yun, Ma Huateng,, and Zhang Zhaoyang…… These people succeed, the Internet business is not a dream. Pang Shengdong told you: there are many opportunities for Internet entrepreneurs, have the courage, or can do!

is it a dream to start a business? It can be said to be a dream, for those who have dreams but do not do, is just a dream, for those who have the idea to achieve, that is the reality. Excuse me, what are you,


Ma Yun, Ma Huateng,, and Zhang Zhaoyang…… These people succeed, the Internet business is not a dream. Pang Shengdong told you: "now there are many Internet business opportunities, have the courage, or you can do it!" look at those people on the Internet casts a thousand beams. crush, look at those going into the "Microsoft incubator" those investors see the passion of people, they all have common characteristics, there is a dream, tenacity and optimism and there is a sense of responsibility, dedication, but also have their own style and characteristics of different combinations of these, they start on the Internet, growth and success of all conditions. Three stories below are you insist on Internet entrepreneurs dream banner, down to earth to give you positive energy transfer, entrepreneurship is not easy, and cherish. read more

Weebly founder 5 things you need to know before starting a business

Like many startups,

, the site creation and hosting service company, Weebly was born in a college dorm. Back in 2006, CO founders David Rusenko, Chris Fanini and Dan Veltri wanted to show their website works in a simple way. They were not satisfied with the available options, so they began to create their own services. A year later, their project was received by the start-up company incubator Y Combinator, and Rusenko, Fanini and Veltri dropped out of school and moved to San Francisco.

rapid development to the present: 15 million people have created the Weebly website, each month has 100 million people to visit the Weebly website. Since the beginning of 2009, the company has been profitable, the existing staff of 80 people. read more

Look at how to make a lot of money through the Spring Festival evening Mignon

Spring Festival this year, may have been influenced by the Spring Festival, a new high ratings, the ratings of over 95%, but the show was not the last high satisfaction survey, now of course is also about the Spring Festival evening raise a Babel of criticism of the topic of the advertising copy forcibly implanted, CCTV with a sketch of Zhao Benshan profit 15 million, of course, the most happy is CCTV and Zhang, also become the biggest winner of the Spring Festival, Spring Festival and so on who the people who make money? Of course, of which there are some speculative sale! 09 years show Xiao Shenyang with "not bad money" became a hit, and the Spring Festival Gala, read more

Shanghai Zhike network technology and Tianjiao advertising alliance officially reached a cooperation

Zhike network by Shanghai Zhike network science and technology limited company to invest 10 million yuan to build e-commerce platform, is the first Chinese intelligence products and human resources transactions, will gradually become the world’s intangible assets trading center. The project aims at providing about wisdom, creativity, contacts and other intangible assets transactions of tens of millions of small and medium enterprises and hundreds of millions of Internet users, by the famous American Internet research company Pew Internet called "China wisdom and eBay trading network". read more

Taobao customer first quick guide to share

this period of time I recently made Taobao and has earned money to sort out the experience to share with you, but also willing to make more friends. In fact, this is my rookie level, you can see Ali mother’s income rankings, a weekly income of tens of thousands of expert is a lot there, I will do every day hundreds of.

the first step: how to choose high-quality promotional products

reference to the main parameters: the promotion of high profit merchandise 30 days to promote the amount of credit rating of the store buyers. These are the details of things, for example if you choose the user evaluation evaluation commodity pages are different, will affect the customer’s desire to buy, or even abandon the purchase, master wasstressed details. read more

I enjoy the soft monthly income of million

wrote the title and he felt sick — even though it was true.

but has been looking at the webmaster of other people send the soft Wen comments – a large part of the webmaster is with a kind of think smart tone: AD or soft. For this kind of webmaster I have some hate, because they can’t see others send soft Wen, but he especially want to send.

beauty like to see ads, because advertising represents the standard of beauty;

look ugly hate ads, ads more because of her ugly


enjoy advertising is also a kind of realm, will not enjoy the school to enjoy it. read more

100 million Angel round + Fresh electricity supplier Liu Jiangfeng venture how to play


| technology NetEase Wang

gorgeous published "time" is still not old, ideal resignation letter before the president of HUAWEI glory Liu Jiangfeng, officially announced in April 28th a new trend: his entrepreneurial fresh business platform!! has received $100 million in Angel round of investment.

$100 million, angel round, IDG collar cast, a consumer investment fund with investment. Even if the valuation of start-up companies soaring in 2015, an angel round only in millions of dollars level below. Liu Jiangfeng announced the $100 million Angel round, once again hit the ceiling of venture financing. Interview the NetEase of science and technology in April 28th, Liu Jiangfeng said: "now what is not" to create a new company called Dmall, located in O2O near life business platform, even his name card company address is not printed, only H5 pages at the beginning of test, the number of users, DAU (day) and other data no reference value. read more

Li Ruigang the real quality of the content with the idealism of the eternal light

Abstract: the 3 major points of concern: Ruigang head content, media iteration, on-site experience.

"true quality content, always with the idealism of the light……"

2017, CMC will continue to focus on the content of the head, so idealism, professionalism, professional ethics to become the industry’s basic value appeal."

The evening of January 9th

CMC, head of Mr Li first public speech on 2017 in Shanghai, and talked about the Chinese culture in the 3 focus in 2017: the head media content, iteration, on-site experience. read more

23andMe development history the medical and health sector is a kind of entrepreneurial experience

the last two years in the field of health entrepreneurship suddenly fire up, the temperature and the weather in Beijing these two days. Many people confused in a year or so after suddenly toss my voice: not ah. In the medical field with the original entrepreneurial pioneer almost, technology is not mature, the market is invisible, users of damages, there are a bunch of people throwing stones do supervision on the shore, Zezheng? Today we have approached an encounter such predecessors, look at the people is exactly eight years time to get through. read more

When CEO I realized 85 things

it’s going to be a tough job. No matter how much you prepare or learn, you can’t keep up with the need.

you’ll feel so much that you want to give up. Don’t hold on.

it’s a lonely job. No one can tell you anything about the job.

uncertainty is the mark of entrepreneurship. Sometimes a month or even every week you can not guarantee that they can survive 1 years. Learn to embrace the uncertainty.

sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night. Don’t worry about it, take care of your emotions. read more