Hu Jintao through the people’s network and online communication (record)

Hu Jintao, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee on June 20th morning through the people’s network and Internet users to communicate. The following is the record:

[host]: General Secretary Hu Jintao Hello, we know that you are very concerned about the development of the Internet, concerned about the development of the people’s network. Today you personally came to the forum, moderator and netizens are very excited and honored. Please say a few words to our friends.

[Hu Jintao]: friends, hello everybody! I am very happy to have the opportunity to meet with you today. First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere greetings and good wishes to netizens. read more

Copyright Bureau launched a special action to combat Internet piracy in March

In August 1, 2007, the national copyright administration, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of information industry jointly issued the "notice" on 2007 to carry out special action against Internet piracy, nationwide deployment of the special action against Internet piracy for a period of 3 months, to further deepen the governance of Internet piracy, and effectively protect the legitimate interests of copyright holders to promote the healthy development of the Internet industry.

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Pacific site may be a mistake

Pacific website group will start listing roadshow today, plan to 2.98 to HK $3.58 shares, equivalent to 2008 forecast earnings of 30 to 36 times, is expected in December 18th listed on the HKEx, financing of approximately HK $800 million, stock code 0543". We open the Pacific site group can be found, the Pacific professional website group has a Pacific computer network, the Pacific car network, the Pacific Games Network and Pacific fashion women’s network and other professional portal. read more

The best tool to promote the website – soft

online on the soft article describing the search is innumerable, just appear a lot about this tutorial or write soft charges to write text in this website, I will not say, I have seen people write the soft, sometimes they are written out of the master, the East Xinai ruminate people can see. In some, that is called soft, soft enough, of course, do not write good browsing people will be less, each big website reproduced the chance of a small number, a good soft Wen can really write the promotion to the intangible goods reach the acme of perfection. Not much to say, just below my brother trick to tell you to write soft, powerful than I hope friends can scold me. read more

University City Forum small cost promotion experience

wrote an article on the forum of the University City, "talk about the University City Forum building and profit experience" is mainly about the site strategy issues. Today to share with you, the initial stage of the forum, how to promote, how to get the best results of the lowest cost promotion.

clear the object under the promotion. Our university city forum is the main object of the students, so students go to the local promotion is our main reference. Next to the actual operation.

1 and small businesses around the school advertising read more

The network of the famous

                proliferation of information network era, in a vast expanse of water like, want to pull out a message head, compelling, it seems difficult to. However, some smart people will create new styles, and attracted much attention. Regardless of reputation infamy, first mix a familiar face. Moreover, now pay attention to diversification, and the poison, the delicious, people, as long as the shameless enough to the point where there is no purpose is not reached. read more

Tell the truth here is a full hand piece practice tips

scripts is funny, original scripts and graphic author released exclusively in the network. Liu Quanyou is a small vest, satin hand, Joker, Wowkie Zhang and other stars can be hand piece. In fact, in which several micro-blog just red satin hand gloves, some scripts can help you build up the family fortunes.

ask, what is the advertising dog daily spiritual food? – piece.

today, you see the piece? Welcome to Mei Flower interaction, in the message area say you have seen the most funny.

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Zhong Zhixin on the choice of enterprise promotion model

believe that now companies have their own website, if not until now, only that the company has not realized the importance of network marketing. Today, the Internet is so rapid, the value of the enterprise is also very large, and even some companies rely entirely on the site’s profitability, such as e-commerce site. Therefore, enterprises in the war on the network must be adequate, and to do a good job in this network, promotion is necessary.

and promote the current can be divided into two categories, one is directly paid to advertise, and the other is the recruitment of network marketing related personnel, do their own. read more

A double eleven hand chop party this vigilance five traps!

[Abstract] some businesses by double eleven banner banner, in fact, even more expensive than the original price.

Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on November 10th

major business platform in the double eleven during the awesome promotion can really bring a lot of benefits to consumers, but there are many people Zaoxin thing, such as false propaganda, the first price and then the price, customer service service suck, no complaints and quality problems.

trap one: false brush and comment read more

Amazon does not earn money for 14 consecutive years, perhaps never earn money


I network operators in the world since 2000, the Internet giant Amazon’s annual revenues remain more than 20% growth, but have meager profits or even losses? To solve this puzzle, you need to figure out the Amazon is a what kind of company.

The famous


in the earnings report released last week, Amazon is no accident and loss. Since 2000, the Internet giant electricity supplier revenues each year to maintain the growth rate of more than 20%, but it has been meager profits or simply loss? read more

The second China clothing e-commerce summit interactive dialogue

Second China clothing e-commerce summit interactive dialogue

business news May 27th hearing on the morning of May 27th, the 2010 session of the second China clothing e-commerce (electricity supplier channel) summit held in Hangzhou today. Hangzhou Municipal Government Secretary General Xu Xiaofu and other government officials, Lining, seven wolves, Taobao and other clothing and e-commerce enterprises, attended by masamochi Advisory hosted this summit.

figure for the second session of China’s clothing e-commerce summit interactive dialogue. The following is a transcript of the dialogue: read more

Alibaba anti fake alliance suspended membership response does not affect cooperation

according to voice of the economy, the "world" reported that the Alibaba now stand on the embarrassing thing, the international anti fake Alliance announced yesterday, the strong opposition in a number of European and American luxury brand, has suspended the membership of the Alibaba.


alliance is the world’s largest international anti false anti counterfeiting infringement of the non-profit organization, headquartered in Washington, its members included in all areas of international well-known brands, a total of more than and 250 members, has a relatively high reputation in the industry. Mainly for the impact of counterfeit goods, as well as the protection of intellectual property rights to provide assistance to the company. read more

Seven fairy flowers network CEO Wu always talk about flowers in the first entrance to the site of th

seven fairy flower network ( is a typical flower like B2C station. Now, the site’s daily independent IP is 15000, PV breakthrough of 130000. Founder Wu told us that customers enter the site, search keywords on Baidu has become the first entrance, accounting for 70% of the total number of customers into the site.

according to this understanding, in the China B2C website, the main entrance into the customer site, in addition to advertising, there are five, one is the Baidu keyword, Google search on the site, a news report, a blog, a community post, a web site link the most important one of which is from the search site, the proportion is more than 30%, the first known as the site of the entrance. read more

Accelerate the layout of the supply chain easily fresh $24 million investment in Singapore food comp

upstream supply chain competition intensified.

Singapore health food company SunMoon

recently announced that it has received a $24 million investment in the electricity supplier to Chinese fresh fruit, and to share the price of 4.5, placing 333 million 300 thousand shares for easy fruit, easy fruit will have a 51% stake in the company.

SunMoon was founded in 1977, with fruit cultivation, processing and storage facilities, and collect products around the world and distributed to Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East, India and the United states. It is reported that the cooperation with 157 suppliers, trading around 100, Vegetable & Fruit nuts, fruit juices and other products, has 11000 sales outlets, a total of 1019 employees. read more

Old Lei no courage to talk about electricity providers do not enter the zhuangshiduanwan



technology news May 29th afternoon, the 2012 China e-commerce conference held in Beijing, millet technology CEO Lei Jun, aged CEO on VANCL electricity supplier industry status pointed out that the platform for the inevitable need to rely on price war, and the education of users of online shopping still a process, if there is no ruling courage, don’t walk through the electricity supplier it.

electricity supplier industry price war, is growing in the form of. Aged believes that most commercial enterprises are competing for the position of the platform, and the platform for sure is the price war. read more

The 2012 Conference on network operators Ma predicted small and beautiful is the future direction of

Pu Zhengfu, Yunnan specialty sales at Taobao university graduates, from state-owned enterprises to switch to online shop. "One day in 2009, I saw the wife buy clothes online, I suddenly had an idea, can use the spare time to sell home products through the network, to promote the rich people in my hometown."

so, he registered a shop in Yunnan Dai Village love "on the Internet, began selling walnuts, pumpkin seeds, dried beef and egg soil and other farm ecological products. Now, he led the local development of walnut characteristic planting, farmers plant is also in preparation, shops from one part-time, to present a small team behind is a group of people. read more

Hundreds of thousands of minon lonely life

"others laugh at me too crazy, I smile they look not to wear", use these words to describe the mentality of minon again good however, in spirit, minon is a group of lonely, may not be understood by their parents, or may not be understood by some friends, is called by the client terminal misunderstanding.

shuttle every day in the city, renamed domain 66 Admin5 and CN, turning the placards, see countless names again and press the "immediate bid", frequently refresh auction page, this is the rice farming work, but only a part of them, hidden behind the hard work. read more

Taobao shop owner’s troubles online small businesses face transition

– editor’s note

recently, the shop to tax the news again affect the hearts of many entrepreneurs Taobao. Although the tax authorities will soon be denied, but Taobao small businesses facing transformation, but it is the trend.

two years ago, to start, Taobao became a buzzword. Taobao open shop, the threshold is low, more opportunities, once the success of millions of people dream of entrepreneurship, according to statistics, the number of Taobao shop has been close to 600. However, with the shop open more and more large electricity providers such as Jingdong, Dangdang, constantly swallowed the small business survival space; constantly touching the traditional line of business, and also in the small electricity supplier for tourists. Coupled with the increase in personnel costs, the price of courier fees, network promotion costs continue to rise…… "Escape from Taobao" has already become a kind of social phenomenon, as well as "escape North Canton". read more

Baidu technical problems today

browse Baidu site today, found a problem, I am very curious…… Did not know that the Baidu is black?

or intentionally damage advertisers money?

or working with YAHOO China? After landing here: Tn=renhuai_pg& ie=gb2312& bs=%CC%C7%C4%F2%B2%A1%D6%A2%D7%B4& sr=& z=& cl=3& f=8& wd=%CC%C7%C4%F2%B2%A1& ct=0

found that click here to connect directly to the Chinese YAHOO home page Usually here are the main promotion of Baidu. How to jump all the way to Yahoo today, read more