100 million Angel round + Fresh electricity supplier Liu Jiangfeng venture how to play

The | technology NetEase Wang gorgeous published "time" is still not old, ideal resignation letter before the president of HUAWEI glory Liu Jiangfeng, officially announced in April 28th a new trend: his entrepreneurial fresh business platform!! has received $100 million in Angel round of investment. $100 million, angel round, IDG collar cast, a consumer investment […]

Li Ruigang the real quality of the content with the idealism of the eternal light

Abstract: the 3 major points of concern: Ruigang head content, media iteration, on-site experience.   "true quality content, always with the idealism of the light……" 2017, CMC will continue to focus on the content of the head, so idealism, professionalism, professional ethics to become the industry’s basic value appeal." The evening of January 9th CMC, […]

23andMe development history the medical and health sector is a kind of entrepreneurial experience

  the last two years in the field of health entrepreneurship suddenly fire up, the temperature and the weather in Beijing these two days. Many people confused in a year or so after suddenly toss my voice: not ah. In the medical field with the original entrepreneurial pioneer almost, technology is not mature, the market […]